WiFi Booster Virgin (A beginner’s guide)

You need a WiFi Booster Virgin. The broadband service that you can expect to receive from Virgin Media often gets a glowing review for being fast and reliable.

But what if the WiFi signal within your home is not strong enough to allow you to connect to the internet at acceptable speeds? 

This is where WiFi Booster Virgin units come in. A WiFi Booster for Virgin Media will strengthen the quality of your WiFi signal and your internet connection by massively boosting the WiFi footprint within your home.

Our full article can help you with enhancing your Virgin Media connection if you are not quite ready to purchase additional hardware, which you should read here.

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WiFi booster for Virgin Media

These nifty WiFi devices are exactly the same as the WiFi Boosters for Virgin Media that we described here, so you can read either article to learn more about making your WiFi rock solid and lightning quick in your home. It’s just a matter of terminology. 

So, if you are worried about the weak WiFi signal in your home, or you’re having trouble getting a good connection on your router and constantly fiddling with the settings, then you need to look at a cheap way to improve your WiFi.

No matter where your family members are in the house, a WiFi Booster Virgin can provide perfect WiFi connectivity and increased range for you and anyone else that needs to access the internet on your WiFi network.

Hopefully, this blog post will answer all your questions about wireless boosters, what they do, and why they’re worth buying!

What is a WiFi Booster Virgin

WiFi boosters are the most popular solution in areas where internet is not reliable within the home. An antennae will pick up signals from far-off connections in less than 200 square feet (50m) via a Virgin Media broadband booster, and it can be used with any type of router or connection. 

WiFi Booster Virgin units usually don’t require an Ethernet cable to work. Instead, they relay a wireless signal from your main WiFi router to the section of the house where blackspots are.

Some benefits to using a high-quality WiFi Booster Virgin:

  • All types of WiFi routers and configurations are able to work in conjunction with Wireless Internet Boosters
  • Install it simply by plugging it in and pairing the device with your existing router. This is usually done by simply holding in the WPS button on your home router, and on your WiFi booster for Virgin Media
  • Be careful of obstacles such as thick concrete walls, metal sheeting, fish tanks, or electronic interference like motors and high voltage cables
  • A Virgin Media WiFi extender allows you to extend the range of your WiFi network in your home or out into your garden or shed
  • Cheaper than professionally installing Ethernet cables in your home

Although you may find your Virgin WiFi usable, you may want to consider getting a WiFi booster Virgin if you think it could be better. 

By expanding the signal range of your Virgin Media WiFi outside of your home, you will get faster speeds and you will be able to resolve connection issues that you may be experiencing.

A Virgin Media Wireless Booster is for you if:

WiFi Boosters for Virgin Media can help you with connectivity issues! 

Virgin internet extenders are flexible and work well even when there are slight obstructions between the receiver unit and WiFi router.

Any device placed close to concrete walls, ceilings, or floors will have trouble transmitting WiFi signals, as no matter how clever the device is, it cannot penetrate reinforced concrete.

WiFi Booster Virgin: How do they work?

A WiFi Booster Virgin works by expanding the footprint of your WiFi coverage. 

Virgin Media’s signal booster connects to a router over WiFi and receives signals from their routers, enabling them to make more connections in more rooms.

  • If you wish, you can boost your signal even outside your home.
  • Works with all internet services, not just Virgin Media Broadband

In what ways does a WiFi Booster Virgin improve your Internet?

The purpose of a WiFi booster is to pick up weak signal and then amplify it.

With this technology, multiple devices can simultaneously stream videos, music, and TV shows – great for sharing your WiFi. 

What are some signs that you might want a WiFi Booster Virgin?

You need one if:

  • When using multiple devices simultaneously, such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other devices, you may notice your WiFi connection is unreliable or slow.
  • There is also the possibility that certain rooms in your house may not have coverage, such as bedrooms or living areas upstairs. 

Before installing a Virgin WiFi booster, is there anything I need to do?

No, it is really easy to set up. You just need to plug it in and press the WPS button on your router (most routers have this). Then you will need to do the same thing on your WiFi extender too.

Is a Virgin Internet Booster what it sounds like?

There is no difference between a Virgin internet booster and a Virgin WiFi booster. The difference is simply in terminology as they refer to the exact same thing.

Why should I get a WiFi Booster Virgin?

It is possible to improve WiFi coverage in your house or office with a WiFi Booster Virgin. An installed device offers numerous benefits, including:

  • This device extends WiFi coverage to the entire house
  • Connecting multiple devices to reduce connection issues

You should contact Virgin Media customer service if you have any concerns about your broadband service. They will be able to assist you.

Do WiFi booster Virgin units actually work?

In a nutshell, yes, but make sure you select wisely based on your budget and requirements.

A WiFi booster Virgin unit captures weakened signals from your Virgin Media wireless router and amplifies it for a stronger signal.

Our top choices for Virgin Boosters are:

For those who have already used one of these affordable WiFi booster Virgin units, but need more range, we also have an article about premium WiFi access points which you can find here.

How do WiFi extenders cause problems?

There is a misconception that there are problems with WiFi boosters but this is not the case.

This is normally repeated by people that would prefer you to spend extra money on a wireless solution that you don’t necessarily need.

Many of those who suffer from slow internet find these solutions work well for them, so there are no problems with a wireless booster.

Can WiFi extenders cause problems?

If they are not configurable, cheap and cheerful WiFi boosters can cause problems. In some cases, IP Address conflicts can be caused by poorly configured Virgin Wireless extenders that perform DHCP functions that clash with your existing network hardware. 

The signal might be interrupted if the WiFi channel is incorrect or if you cannot automatically configure your WiFi booster to connect to an unused channel.

Another problem is when users place your WiFi Extender too far from the source of their WiFi.

In order to get the most benefit from a wireless booster is to place it halfway between your router and the area of your home that has weak or unreliable WiFi.

How fast is your internet when you use WiFi extenders?

This will vary from  installation to installation. as there are many external factors that you cannot control, such as network congestion and degraded services in your area. 

Is it possible to connect more than one device to Virgin WiFi Extender?

Yes it is. 

Adding WiFi extenders throughout the house is the best way to upgrade your home’s overall coverage when you need to connect many devices (more than five).

Is it necessary to place an extender near a WiFi Router?

In general, Wi-Fi boosters should be placed about halfway between the router and the area needing WiFi coverage.

Which Virgin Media issues are most common?

There are a number of common issues people get stuck with that we have discussed.

For more information about VPN issues, bandwidth throttling, and WiFi problems, see here, here, and here

What are some signs that you need a WiFi Booster Virgin?

You need to consider getting a booster if you find that your internet connection is slow, inconsistent, spotty, or just unreliable in certain areas of your house. 

There are things that you can try first before you spend any money, which we have covered in previous articles, but installing a WiFi booster will almost always make a huge improvement.

Which of these WiFi Booster Virgin devices would I prefer?

Your internet will almost certainly require one if it is very slow and you experience disconnections in certain parts of your home. 

You can install compatible devices easily and at a lower cost than alternatives, such as running cables through your home professionally, and you will receive a much better internet experience.

Conclusion: Should You Get a WiFi Booster Virgin?

Definitely! Wireless signal is improved throughout your building or house with WiFi Booster Virgin units, and connection problems with multiple devices are generally reduced after installing one.

You can find a fix here for severe problems like WiFi black spots in our article.

Check out our mesh WiFi article here if you are looking to upgrade your WiFi in a big way.

We hope you have found this article useful, and that      your internet worries are now a thing of the past!


Where can I find a Virgin WiFi Booster and how much does it cost?

You can take a look at our list of suggested devices in this article. If you use our link to purchase any of these devices we get a small commission and it costs you nothing extra, so it would be a massive help to use if you do.

What price range should a Virgin WiFi Booster cost?

The pricing on these units is usually under £25, so it is not very expensive at all. Don't be fooled: you don't need to spend hundreds of pounds to get decent WiFi.

How much space does a Virgin WiFi Booster require?

hese Virgin WiFi Boosters take up hardly any space at all. All you need is a free wall socket to plug it in, and that's where it will stay.

What speeds will these Virgin WiFi Boosters offer me?

This will depend on the band of WiFi that you operate on. The 5GHz spectrum will give you greater speeds with reduced range, while the standard 2.4GHz range will give you better distance and coverage, but slower speeds than 5GHz. For this reason we recommend a dual band WiFi booster.

Where is a Virgin WiFi booster best installed in my home?

The rule of thumb is halfway between your router and the affected room that you are trying to cover with WiFi. Also consider where it will look good, and won't be in the way. As these plug into a wall socket be mindful to use a plug that won't need to be used often by other appliances such as a vacuum cleaner. You would hate to lose WiFi while doing chores!