Spectrum Internet Self Installation (Spectrum Net Self Install to Install Spectrum Internet spectrum. net/selfinstall) Installing Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet Self Installation: Basic Guide to the Spectrum Internet Setup Process and how you can connect everything yourself. This post is very similar to the information that you would find at spectrum. net/selfinstall .

Spectrum net self install offers two options for internet installation: self install or a technician install. Using the Spectrum.net self install option is suitable for people that feel confident carrying out basic installation tasks such as plugging in equipment and cables. It is really not difficult, and we will go over the process in this article.

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Spectrum internet self-install

Each of these offer simple step by step instructions which can be found in this article. We will give you details about Spectrum Net Selfinstall options, and what you can expect from them when you opt to install your service for yourself.

With a Spectrum Internet-only plan, most customers will find self installation to be the fastest and most economical way to get their WiFi up and running.

With either kit, Spectrum includes a router as well as basic, step-by-step instructions.

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Spectrum Internet Self Installation
Charter Spectrum Internet Service Self Install

Spectrum Internet Self Installation

A technician installation is a much easier way to order a Spectrum sports package, basic TV, and/or phone service. For those who do not feel comfortable with configuring their own WiFi router, you may also pay for a technician to come out and do all the installation work for you. 

Read this article first and see how you feel about a self install afterwards. Below will cover some of the steps to follow if you decide not to use a technician install. The main aim is to make sure that your router is connected and installed correctly so that it is able to connect to the internet. 

Step 1: Self Connect your Spectrum Modem/Router

Ensure that your internet connection is working by first connecting one end of your coax cable to your Spectrum router and the other end to a cable outlet.

The power supply of the router should be plugged into an outlet, then the power cable should be connected to the modem/router, and then the power should be turned on.

You will have to wait for the modem/router to establish a network connection but this only takes around 2 to 5 minutes. Once you have connected, you will see that the Online status light has turned solid and is no longer flashing or dim. 

If any of the connections don’t make any sense, then check out this schematic on their website.

Step 2: Connect Spectrum Modem/Router to Computer or WiFi Router for Net Access

Next, to continue your Spectrum self installation you will need to connect the Ethernet cable to your modem/router, and then connect the other end of the cable either into your laptop, computer ,or if your WiFi router has one, the internet port. If you don’t do this successfully then your Spectrum WiFi will be connected but you will have no internet, and your TV services will probably not work either. 

The online status light should turn solid once the connection is made to your Spectrum router.  

If you decide to use Spectrum net self install, the Spectrum software will be on a CD/DVD which you will need to load into your laptop or computer. You can download the software from the Spectrum website here. Smart devices such as smartphones and tablets are also supported by the Spectrum TV app. 

This will automatically install the Spectrum software and the app for you, and it is recommended that you do this. Once you have downloaded the software, follow the instructions to complete installation. 

Once completed, the modem will be setup and you will need to connect a TV, WiFi router, or set-top box to your new Spectrum modem. For WiFi router setups, you will be required to configure your modem/router to be able to connect to your router properly.

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Step 3: Activate Spectrum Modem Online

Once you have connected your Spectrum router and modem then you will need to follow a few additional steps in order to connect your router to the internet.

Visit the spectrum website https://spectrum.net/selfinstall from any device that has online access and a browser, then select the ‘Get Started’ section and follow the instructions.

In order to manage your account and equipment on Spectrum.net, you must create a username after activation.

Changing the name and password of your WiFi network is easy and if you visit https://spectrum.net/easywifi then you can install all of your WiFi devices at the same time.

Spectrum Router Light Diagnostics

Once you have connected your router you should be aware of the different color combinations of the Spectrum router.

  • Blue Light: This means that your internet is working and that you are connected.
  • Flashing Blue Light: This happens while your router is connecting to the internet.
  • Consecutive Red and Blue flashing lights: System update in progress
  • Red Light: Error fault, contact Spectrum
  • Flashing Red Light: Internet connection fault

Other possible lights depending on your router model

  • Green blue yellow
  • Red green blue
  • Blue yellow magenta
  • Yellow magenta cyan

Check out the Spectrum website for details about your router model.

Connect modem step

Get The Best Out of your Spectrum Internet Service Wi-Fi Installation

If you plan on getting WiFi in all areas of your house then you should look at a few basics when it comes to installing your brand new WiFi gear.

For starters, you will want to place the Spectrum WiFi router somewhere that allows it to broadcast its signal all over your house or apartment. This doesn’t necessarily need to be smack bang in the middle of your home, but it helps if you have it pointing towards the most likely areas where the WiFi will be used. (Sending Wi-Fi out into the garden is a nice idea, but you really want to keep it inside for now)

Also think about obstructions such as solid concrete walls and floors, big signal blockers like aquariums and fish tanks. These can disrupt your WiFi and seriously reduce the effective range of your internet.

Also remember to not put your brand new WiFi equipment behind any electrical appliances such as microwaves or any fluorescent lighting as this can also mess with your WiFi signal.

Once you have found a good place to put your Spectrum equipment you can start customizing your WiFi network SSIDs and making it something recognizable. Security is also a must, so be sure to choose a WiFi password that the neighbours are not likely to guess, while not being too difficult to remember the next time you need to add a device to the WiFi network.

self-install modem

Choosing a Technician Installation for your Spectrum Internet Installation

Not everyone is up to the challenge of performing a Spectrum net self install, and that is totally fine! There are some fees associated with a technician install, so call ahead and confirm with Charter Spectrum before you lock in your installation appointment. 

The great thing about this option is that the technician will be able to install everything exactly as it should be, and you can ask them to run the cables correctly as you would like them to be, within reason. 

It’s a good time to ask them any technical questions that you might have, and also find out how to finalize the setup once they have completed their end of the install. You should be up and running on the same day as the install, so it doesn’t take that long to complete at all.

Spectrum Self-Install Kit

If you decide to install the service yourself then you will receive all of the equipment that you are going to need to get the installation completed. Follow the below steps to get things done.

The first step is to connect the modem

  1. The coax cable should be connected to a cable outlet and the modem at the other end.

The second step is to connect the router to the modem

  1. The Ethernet cable should be connected to the modem, and the other end to the internet port on the WiFi router.
  2. The power cable should be connected to the WiFi router, and the other end should be plugged into an outlet.
  3. Wait until the WiFi status light on the front of the router turns solid blue. If it takes more than 10 minutes, restart the router. Unplug the modem and router if the light does not come on. Connect the modem, let it restart for two to five minutes, and then connect the router. Within 10 minutes, the WiFi status light on the front of the router should turn solid blue.

The third step is to connect a device to the wireless network

This router does not have a separate WiFi Network Name and password for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks; it has only one WiFi Network Name (for simplicity) that automatically supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

  1. Access the WiFi settings on your device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, streaming device).
  2. Your Spectrum router’s default WiFi network name can be selected.
  3. On the equipment label of your Spectrum router, enter the default password.

Activate the equipment in step four

Before activating your services, be sure to connect the Spectrum TV receivers if you’re also installing Spectrum TV.

  1. Before activating your services, be sure to connect the Spectrum TV receivers if you’re also installing Spectrum TV.your shipping letter or store receipt.
  1. Navigate to spectrum.net/selfinstall and then select “Get Started” and then complete the prompts as instructed.

Before activating your services, be sure to connect the Spectrum TV receivers / receiver if you’re also installing Spectrum TV. Select Agree, and then follow the prompts.

Enjoy Advanced Home WiFi

You can install Spectrum really easily when you have the instructions. Now that you are done self-installing your new internet, you can sit back and wait for the WiFi router connect process to finish and you’ll be up and running.

self install modem

Self-Install Spectrum Internet Complete! You’re all set up and ready to connect to the internet!

After you have plugged in the cable, modem, device, configured, and activated everything, you are ready to go. We hope that this has been a helpful article, and that you have hopefully found some useful information in here to guide you on your quest for great internet without the hefty installation fees and anxiety of a self-install. 

If you have gone for the Spectrum net self install route and performed a Sprectrum internet self installation then it might be worth while to call in and check if you are being charged for an activation fee.

Depending on the person that you speak to, you can sometimes get this done away with, so it is definitely worth asking. (They are not obligated to do it, but if you don’t ask then you’ll never know)

If you are having problems with the installation, be sure to check out the Charter Spectrum site here for more helpful information.