Turn Your Boring Router into a Wicked Pumpkin Powered Jack-o’-Lantern For Halloween! [Parody]

Looking for a router-rific DIY costume this Halloween? Well grab your old clunky internet router and get ready to turn it into the raddest pumpkin on the block!

You’ll Need:

  • That dinosaur relic of a router gathering dust in your closet
  • A few cans of Blazing Orange spray paint (or any shade that screams pumpkin spice)
  • Some black construction paper for spooky shapes
  • Scissors to cut creepy features
  • Tape/glue to make it stick
  • Excessive use of the words “ghoulish” and “frightful”
This is the mod I'm going with on my Halloween themed internet extravaganza. It's reversible and it looks really fun!

Step 1: Paint Your Router Orange!

Take your ancient router outside and give it a fresh new coat of frighteningly orange spray paint. Make sure to cover every inch of this bad boy for maximum pumpkin vibes.

If you have a 3D printer and an imagination then you can get really creative with Jack-o-Lantern facades for your router. Why stop at Halloween?

Step 2: Cut Out a Terrifying Face

Bust out the black paper and scissors to cut evil triangle eyes and a mouth full of jagged teeth. Make your jack-o’-lantern as petrifying or goofy as you want!

If modifications aren't your thing then try accessorizing your router instead.

Step 3: Deck Out Your Pumpkin Router

Once the paint dries, tape or glue your eerie face pieces onto that pumpkin-hued router. Feel free to get creative with creepy eyebrows, lips, or warts – go wild!

Who doesn't love googly eyes?

Step 4: Accessorize Your Monster

Use a black marker to add final ghoulish details. Then make it extra festive with an orange bow or some spiderweb streamers. Your router jack-o’-lantern is ready to haunt your front porch!

This Halloween, skip the carved produce and turn your outdated gadget into a wicked decoration. That old router will look frightfully fresh painted orange with an intricate spooky face. Happy haunting!


This article is for a bit of fun, you should be careful when attempting to modify any electronics, especially on Halloween! Use proper judgement and decide for yourself if modifying a router is right for you. I have labelled this article as parody because people do all kinds of whacky things for ghostly gags on Halloween, so maybe don’t modify your brand new router, m’kay?

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