Uverse Slow Speed: How do we fix it? (Easy Guide)

Uverse Slow Speed: How do we fix it? We want to know why Uverse has been so slow lately, and we are sure you do too.

In this article, we will address the most common complaints about slow speed to try and get a better understanding of the problem.

If you are having problems with slow Uverse, there are some simple things you can do to try and fix it before calling AT&T.

We have listed these methods below to help reduce your frustration, and hopefully answer the question: How do we fix it?

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Slow Uverse? It's time to fix it!
Uverse slow speed? Let’s fix it!

Why is AT&T so slow lately?

The most common reason that AT&T connections are slow is primarily due to network congestion. If you live in an area with many other AT&T users, then you will find that the local infrastructure might be taking strain, causing your connection to slow down.

The next possible reason could be the inability of your device to keep up with all of the data being fed through it. Sometimes, if you find that you have a Uverse Box or AT&T modem/router, then you might also want a better router that will help support anything you connect to it.

This isn’t always possible, as the Uverse box is quite specialized for the AT&T services that you currently use. However, you can get a third-party WiFi router installed, or a mesh system.

Did AT&T slow down?

No, AT&T has not slowed its services down, at least, not deliberately. If you are currently experiencing slow internet speeds then you need to check a few things before you can start pointing the blame directly at AT&T.

First, you need to do a device audit on your network, both wired and wireless. This is simply a matter of making a list of all the devices you currently have connected to the WiFi. Think about things like smartphones, laptops, tablets, security cameras, gaming consoles, and anything else that connects to the internet.

If you have more than 5 devices being actively used at any one time, then the chances are high that your WiFi is simply not up to the task, and that there is local saturation on your WiFi. If this is the case then you can buy a relatively inexpensive WiFi router to run off of your slow Uverse box.

Why is my service so slow all of a sudden?

If you are satisfied that there are not too many devices on your WiFi, then you can start looking at other potential causes, such as a bad internet line, or a faulty Uverse box. This is done by contacting AT&T and asking them to perform a line test. Most internet companies can do what is known as a signal-to-noise test, and this will tell them how good your connection is.

If your signal-to-noise ratio is not up to scratch, then you will be offered two options; either installing a new box or getting better speed through an upgrade. It’s all pretty simple, but the most commonly asked question is why AT&T has been so slow lately?

This answer boils down to what we addressed at the beginning of the article; network congestion. If you live in an area where there are many AT&T users, then you might be experiencing slow speeds because local infrastructure cannot handle all of that load and needs to be upgraded.

How do I make my AT&T Internet faster?

If your internet connection is fine but close to your neighbor’s router then bad things can happen, such as WiFi channel overlaps. WiFi has 11 channels, and if you are both using the same channel, then you might find that your WiFi traffic is having collisions and these are conflicting with one another.

You can try to make your AT&T internet faster by simply configuring your WiFi to a different WiFi channel. This can be accomplished by logging into your AT&T Uverse router, or by contacting the AT&T support line and asking them for assistance in getting that configured.

Here are some common reasons why your internet is slow.

– Power Cycle Your Device. Unplug it from the wall, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in again.

– Run an App Cache Cleaner. Apps like Google Chrome and Netflix can cache data and files, which can affect performance. Download a web browser app cache cleaner

– Check for Other Interruptions on the Same Network as You. This could be Wi-Fi or other devices using bandwidth such as video games consoles, Alexa speakers, or smart home devices that may be streaming video.

– Ensure Your Router, Modem and Computer are All Up-to-Date. Keep them all up to date with the latest software and firmware patches for the highest performance.

Some AT&T Slow Internet Fixes (That won’t cost an arm and a leg)

We have all had our fair share of poor internet speeds, despite the promises of our internet providers. AT&T is no exception. Here are some common reasons why your internet is slow.

The number one upgrade that you can perform is a simple WiFi setup refresh. Like everything, there are varying degrees of investment that you can afford to put into your home wireless network, so we have selected a list of the most popular routers for solving poor WiFi in the home.

Here are our recommendations for AT&T customers:


Ultimate WiFi Fix

We also covered some basic things that you can try when your favorite device, such as a laptop can’t connect to the AT&T network here. It covers another level of troubleshooting and recommendations for poor signal, and not just slow internet.

Wrapping up

We like to keep things short and sweet when it comes to fixing common internet problems. We have given you enough different troubleshooting tips to try out without even needing to spend a cent, and we hope that those work out for you.

If not, then our Amazon affiliate links should give you the best device for your budget and needs, and if you so choose to use any of them then we will earn a small commission, so thank you if you do.

We hope that you have a faster internet connection and that it is reliable for years to come.