Why Is AT&T Internet So Slow? (Can It Be Fixed?)

Why is AT&T internet so slow? AT&T Internet has become more and more popular over the past decade. It was one of the first ISPs to offer DSL service back in the mid-90s, which is what made it so successful.

Now ATT offers broadband internet connections that provide high-speed access for a low cost which makes ATT for internet a popular choice.

There are plenty of other reasons why people might be interested in ATT internet, but there’s also a lot to know about how it works and what problems you can run into with ATT internet if you don’t know much about it. This is especially true if you plan on using ATT for gaming or other low latency applications.

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This article will give an overview of ATT internet and some solutions for common problems that arise when using ATT for internet in your home.

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Why Is My AT&T Internet So Slow Again?
AT&T Internet So Slow

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I have been struggling with the slow WiFi for a long time, and it has always made me wonder why is my ATT internet so slow? I have been looking online and tried some fixes, but none of them make the speed faster.Therefore I began to do research trying to find an answer to this question – why is my ATT internet so slow?

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AT&T Internet

ATT Internet offers all of the benefits that traditional ISPs do, with added services such as cell phone coverage, fiber internet, and TV solutions.

You can get combined bundles that give you internet and TV packages too, making it a popular yet affordable choice for many people that want to access the internet and entertainment services.

Some people suffer from slow internet speeds, and we will look at some common complaints, and what you can do to get a better connection.

I’ll also explain some of the problems with ATT Internet and how to solve them so that you can enjoy faster speeds in no time, and start enjoying ATT for internet services such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

Why is AT&T internet so slow?

There is no single cause of speed bottlenecks, however there are many smaller factors that can add up to create unpleasant experiences when using ATT for your primary means of internet access. These include:

  • You may be experiencing problems with your ISP, meaning that you need to contact them directly in order resolve the issue. This could be a fiber cut or a problem during a maintenance window. However, if this is the case for you then I would recommend switching providers instead of complaining – because there are plenty of other services out there (as you’ll see below).
  • If there is an outage or problem with your ISP, then you will have to contact them directly and wait for it to be fixed. This could take a day, week, or even most of the month depending on how severe the problem is. – Service Quality: Your service quality may be poor due to hardware failures in the network or because you are too far away from a node. In this case, ATT internet speed reduces as distance increases.
  • The signal strength Attenuates over distance and so does bandwidth speed (the potential throughput). There are ways around this, such as by using power line adapter setups that can help reduce issues like this one. You might also want to consider moving closer to a point of presence, so that you don’t have such a large distance.
  • Network Congestion: If the network is becoming congested then this can also slow your internet connection down. This happens because there are more people using it than there was previously, or due to an increase in users across the network (such as at night). So other factors may be affecting your internet speeds and causing poor usage speeds.

There are many factors that can affect how quick your ATT broadband speed will be. We now look briefly at these below, so you can understand why ATT internet goes slow sometimes and what you should do about it if you are experiencing slow speeds for whatever, so that you will never ask yourself “Why is my ATT internet so slow?” ever again.

What causes AT&T internet to be slow?

ATT internet is so slow because of the infrastructure that it uses. For instance, AT&T internet can be very slow if you have a phone line for your internet connection rather than an Ethernet cable. Phone lines are not designed to transfer a lot of data at once and will therefore cause your AT&T broadband to run slowly.

Some people think that switching to a different ISP can solve the problem. This is true, however it should only be your very last resort.

The same thing is true for AT&T internet routers, which are often too weak to transfer data at high speeds or cause difficulty when working with an Ethernet cable. To make sure that you get the best speed from your AT&T broadband connection, you should use a modem and router that will facilitate it.

If your AT&T internet is slow all of the time, you should call AT&T and ask them to check it out.

A technician will come over and make sure that there are no issues with your modem, router or even wiring inside of your home.

Oftentimes ATT internet connections are slow because a bad element is affecting everything else in conjunction with it.

Even though ATT internet is slow in this case, you can either fix the problem yourself or ask for a tech to come to your house and repair things.

Unstable Network Connection

A network connection can become unstable for a number of reasons, some of which are temporary and some of which are not. For example, the wireless connection might be intermittent due to poor signal in the area, resulting in many people searching for queries such as “why is my att internet so slow?”.

This type of issue is usually temporary, but it can also be due to other factors, such as network congestion, inadequate internet line speeds feeding into your home, or signal interference from neighboring WiFi networks that share channels.

If you are certain that it is not WiFi related, then one of the best ways to resolve this problem is by calling ATT and asking them to check your internet connection.

If you discover that it is WiFi related then In some cases, it may be necessary to replace a defective wireless router, or even install an additional access point in order to boost the network coverage throughout your home.

If you are experiencing poor cell reception along with ATT internet issues, then the problem could lie with ATT’s cell towers. In this situation it may be necessary to contact ATT in order to explore your options for improving or switching to a different provider.

If you have more than one router installed within your home network, there is a possibility that interference from one of them might be causing problems.

Busy Network

As more people use the Internet, it is becoming more and more congested. Some ISPs can do a better job of dealing with this issue than others. ATT is not the only ISP that can experience slow internet connection because of this issue.

One way for ATT to deal with the overcrowding in their network is by installing traffic shaping software on customer’s computers, or on their back end systems.

The bandwidth will periodically be reduced and increased so that only those who really need the full bandwidth get it while those who don’t pay for it are forced into a lower state of service.

Generally speaking, an Ethernet cable will be faster than a phone WiFi. One issue with using ATT Internet over a WiFi rather than over a wired connection is that you may be dealing with interference from other sources, such as your computer or cordless phone.

An Ethernet cable doesn’t have this issue because it runs a physical link directly through the network to a router. The only thing connecting ATT Internet to the WiFi will be the wireless router device which resides on top of ATT modem.

Weak WiFi Strength

We’ve covered various WiFi issues over the past few months as they affect Virgin Media and Comcast Xfinity users, so it should be no surprise to our regular readers that ATT is not immune to this either. WiFi Router placement is important if you are going to maximize your WiFi coverage throughout your home.

Your provided router or modem might have the WiFi features that you use built in, or it might be using an external WiFi router attached via an Ethernet cable, or mesh network.

You can tell if your ATT device has a WiFi symbol on it, and if the WiFi light is on. Interference can cause huge issues for your ATT internet speed, depending on where your WiFi router is sitting.

Make sure that your router is:

  • away from other electrical appliances such as baby monitors
  • not too close to thick walls, floors and ceilings
  • not next to a fish tank or metal sheeting
  • not next to other WiFi equipment

Where is Your Router Located?

If you take anything away from this blog post, let it be this: your router location is the most important area of concern if you are dealing with slow internet on your WiFi devices such as laptops, smart TVs and smartphones.

If you have your WiFi router stuffed into a cupboard or behind a wall, a dense piece of furniture, or you have your WiFi router blocked or obscured, then you will experience signal problems.

If nothing else works to improve the speed of ATT internet, try moving your WiFi router to a different location within the house. Other areas that are good for ATT Internet connection include:

  • Away from windows
  • Face your router towards the area of your home where internet signal is most likely to be needed.
  • An open space without too many obstructions around such as mirrors and metal objects
  • Away from other electronic equipment such as TVs and microwaves if possible or at least not close enough that they interfere (for example – don’t put your WiFi router next to your TV)
  • Make sure that there aren’t any thick walls between your device and the WiFi access point . Thick walls, especially those made from concrete or brick, can cause a lot of interference in your ATT internet speed.

If you are experiencing slow ATT internet on any WiFi devices, try moving the router to a new location to see if this fixes the problem.

Better yet – consider getting an ATT Wi-Fi extender which can be plugged directly into an outlet and then configured as needed for your WiFi network.

Staying Safe Online While ATT Internet is Slow

While not the most common cause of slow internet, it should be noted that malware infections on your local network can cause slower internet speeds if the infection is transferring a lot of data over the internet.

Some malware has even been known to mine Crypto currency without their victim’s knowledge, so you always want to verify that your home network is virus free and protected with endpoint software such as anti malware and antivirus software.

Be sure to follow these steps as well if you are experiencing slow ATT internet on your devices. While you’re at it, don’t forget to run a full system scan for issues related to malware and viruses using your preferred anti-malware software.

Be sure to avoid less popular brands pf anti-virus and anti-malware applications, as some have been known to ship with crypto mining software. This means that instead of focusing only on keeping your system protected, these opportunistic companies use your vital computer and internet resources to mine crypto currencies, which is one of the reasons why your ATT internet is so slow,

When it comes to AT&T internet speed, how fast is good?

AT&T Internet speeds range from a few Mbps to a gigabit. The speed of AT&T’s internet very much depends on the time of day, the neighborhood, and even the location of where you live. 

It’s sad to say, but even with the best internet providers you can sometimes get quite different speeds from what has been advertised.

What is the reason I am experiencing slow internet connectivity with AT&T?

The US provider AT&T provides decent internet speeds, but many users wonder how their services compare with similar ones from their competitors.  

The company’s website sometimes makes claims regarding customer service, which leads to consumers complaining about slow internet access frequently. 

Some customers are so irate that they threaten to cancel their subscriptions in extreme cases, but let’s face it, this is not anything out of the norm for ISPs. Every major company has their fair share of unlucky customers. 

Even so, some people complain about slow internet connections, while others complain about incredibly slow download speeds and upload speeds. 

The problem isn’t AT&T, but something else that’s affecting connectivity that users may not even realize. 

At this point, what are some of AT&T’s internet performance shortcomings?

1. Too many devices are connected to your network at the same time

Your download speed will determine whether you can use any number of connections, according to the chosen download speed. 

It would be adequate to have 50Mbps when only five devices are being used simultaneously. 

When you use more devices than the stated amount, the internet speed will decrease significantly.

2. Limits to the bandwidth that are imposed by AT&T

You might see slow internet speeds throughout your house if AT&T puts bandwidth restrictions on your account. 

You may see your internet speeds slowed once you’ve used all you’re allowed to use in a month. 

Games and streaming services might get throttled during peak times so they can enjoy full download and upload speeds.

3. You are having issues with your router

Your router might be slowing down your internet too. If the AT&T router and Ethernet cable are in good working order, the router will be faster when connected to an Ethernet cable.

4. Interruptions

A lot of people don’t realize how wireless signals can be hampered by microwaves and other nearby disturbances. 

Make sure you keep cables a meter or two away from appliances that might interfere with the signal. 

Other wireless networks can also cause disturbances.

5. Too many simultaneous transmissions (Upload and Download)

The speed of downloads and uploads may also be affected by multitasking. The Internet may suffer from a slowdown when you play online games, download videos, and video chat simultaneously.

The best way to speed up AT&T internet

The next thing you need to do is to see if there’s anything wrong with AT&T’s service, then follow the below steps to increase speed. 

Here are some steps you can follow to fix your problem or at least reduce the number of devices you have connected to your internet service.

Your router needs to be upgraded

The failure of a router can be caused by factors such as overheating. ATT Internet can be improved by restarting it periodically, which will decrease the possibility of malfunctions and increase internet speed.

Here are our recommendations for AT&T customers:

Don’t let obstacles stand in the way of your router

You want to keep routers and Ethernet cables a few meters away from anything that could slow them down, like microwave ovens. 

Microwave ovens can be bad for routers and Ethernet cables due to interference.

When there are other signals around, you should always disconnect your Wi-Fi and secure it. Along with the modem, the WiFi device should be nearby too if you are using a separate WiFi router with your AT&T router.

It may not be possible for a gateway that is located far away to provide good connectivity to your network, because of its distance. In order to minimize interference with the modem, it is also recommended that the modem be placed as far away from the wall as is possible.

A slow internet connection from AT&T

A number of factors can contribute to slow internet access. Slow internet connections can also happen as a result of a power outage or downtime. 

Connectivity issues exist due to the fact that this is the underlying cause.

Damage to infrastructure

It is always a good idea to check with your neighbors before you assume AT&T is throttling your internet. 

For updates regarding the outage in your area, you should log into your AT&T account. 

Users of those third-party websites can also get the latest updates on outages and downtime.

Last Words

While your ATT internet might be slow, the good news is that there are some ways to fix this problem, but you need to take a look at your router’s location first.

If the WiFi light on your ATT device isn’t coming on when you’re trying to get online from the couch or in another room of your house, then chances are that you have an issue with your WiFi router, or a configuration error is causing problems.

The next time ATT internet starts acting up, make sure that your WiFi router has plenty of space around it so as not to interfere with other electronic devices such as TVs and microwaves- if possible, don’t put them too close together! You also want to avoid thick walls made out of concrete and metal.

Fixing your internet connection and answering the question “Why is my ATT internet so slow?” is a satisfying feeling, and we hope that we have helped you to acheive just that.

Happy surfing, and we’ll see you next time!


Why is the Wi-Fi suddenly so slow?

A number of factors may affect the speed of your Internet connection. Your modem or router may be malfunctioning or your Wi-Fi signal may be weak, your cable line may have too many devices using up your bandwidth, or your DNS server may be too slow.

Is AT&T the worst Internet provider?

It is hard to say, however, there are over a thousand reviews indicating AT&T Uverse's bad billing practices, misleading sales tactics, poor service, and other problems on Yelp. It was reported by CBS that some AT&T customers were charged as much as three times their contracted rate.

How do I make my AT&T data faster?

The 5 best ways to speed up your internet: Make sure there are no obstructions to the router. Signal strength can be affected by obstructions in your home or poor placement of your wireless router regardless of your Wi-Fi network. Network security. Make sure your auto-update programs are working. Make sure your computer is malware-free. Make sure your web browser is optimized.

Why is ATT 5G so slow?

It is not possible for 5G phones to add as many 4G channels as there are 5G channels. Thus, if they are using 5G, they are giving up 4G channels to use that extremely narrow 5G channel, which results in slower performance.

Bandwidth Restriction by AT&T

There is no definitive information that AT&T restrict bandwidth.