Does Virgin Broadband Really Throttle Your Internet?

Does Virgin Broadband Really Throttle Your Internet? Virgin Media Broadband throttling is a hot topic for many customers. Virgin Media is one of the most popular broadband providers in the UK.

But, some users have been wondering if their connections are being slowed down because they reached a certain monthly data usage cap.

This post will cover how to fix Virgin Media Broadband throttling and what customers should do if this happens to them.

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  • What is Virgin Media Broadband throttling? Is your connection slowing down after you reach your monthly data usage limit? If so, read on!
  • Why does it happen? There can be several reasons why your internet might slow down when you use too much data – here’s how to find out for sure whether or not it’s just a coincidence.
  • How do you fix it? There are a few things that can help to make your connection faster again – here’s how to find out what they are and use them.

Virgin Media Broadband throttling is when customers’ broadband connections slow down after they reach their monthly data usage limit, which has been reported by many different customers. This post will provide the reasons why it may have happened, how to fix it, and what customers should do if this happens to them.

Does Virgin Media throttle your internet?

Exceeding Your Cap

When you reach your monthly data usage cap, the speeds of those connections will slow to just 40% their normal speed until next month starts and if this happens often enough it can result in buffering or even being unable at all times accessing streaming media sites like Netflix that rely heavily upon a fast internet connection.

This makes it difficult to watch high quality content like TV shows or movies.

To fix this problem, Virgin Media Broadband has implemented a policy that once you reach your data cap for the current month then speeds will be slowed down until next months starts and they offer an option of upgrading their speed at 50% more than what it would normally cost if customers are willing to put up with a limited connection and continue with their current plan.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to the problem, consider switching providers or getting an all-inclusive data plan from Virgin Media Broadband.

Others have been able to fix the issue by adding another router in their home with one set up as a WiFi extender that can help boost connection speeds and maintain them even when they are far away from the router.

If you were throttled by Virgin Media Broadband, or have been experiencing slow speeds for a while even before the policy was implemented, then there are many solutions available to fix it that will allow you to enjoy your internet connection without any limits.

Try Upgrading

We recommend only upgrading if you are experiencing throttling issues and do not upgrade just because it is a cheaper price as the slower connection will be more of an annoyance than anything else, we have also seen that at times bandwidth usage can spike but when this happens speeds won’t slow down until next month starts.

This is far better than some countries where if a data cap has been reached then the connection will be completely cut off. Having no internet at all can have a significant impact on work, to have a good quality connection all the time is important.

For those who are not experiencing throttling issues we recommend following the Virgin Media Connected Home page on Facebook. There is a lot of information about what they offer and new products that will be coming out in future, this can help you make an informed decision when upgrading your broadband service for the first time or switching providers.

Try Switching

Switching providers is not an option for some people , they are tied into a contract for the duration of their tenure with Virgin Media. This is common in some industries, like mobile phone providers and TV companies as well.

Some people feel that it’s not fair to be punished by throttling because they have reached their data cap when other customers on the same package can use much more than them .

The average home user should not have a problem with data usage as Virgin Media offers different packages. Some customers even feel that the throttling is helping them save money, but others disagree and think it’s just an excuse to charge for more services.

It’s good to know that there are ways of preventing Virgin Media from throttling your connection. One of the easiest ways is to upgrade your package so that you can use more data .

Sometimes a slow internet speed can be as a result of unusually high internet latency due to additional traffic on your home router. Other times it can be as a result of your ISP being at capacity for a period of time and you are experiencing the effects.

If Virgin Media Broadband throttling is an issue in any way, there can be many reasons behind it but we recommend that if possible to connect directly through Ethernet cable or via WiFi extender which should improve speeds considerably as well increase wireless connectivity strength by improving your connection to your router.

Log a Ticket

There have been instances where throttling was thought t be the cause behind slow speeds and the customer was advised to contact Virgin Media for a technician appointment. Usually the drastic reduction in internet speed is as a result of a conflicting or badly configured WiFi channel.

If Virgin Media Broadband throttling is not the issue and you are experiencing issues with your set up, contact Virgin media on 0345 454 1111 or via their website to speak to one of our technical experts.

Sometimes the wireless network does not have enough bandwidth to handle all of the devices trying to connect to it. This means that it would get a congested channel which is why you may have experienced reduced speeds or slower connection times.

Virgin media broadband provides decent speeds which are enough for most people’s needs but if you are experiencing slow speeds then it could mean that your connection has been slowed down by virgin for exceeding the data cap of your current internet package.

Increase Your Data Cap

If you find that you are getting throttled more often than not then it is likely that you are paying for a smaller data package than what your needs. This means if the plan has been reached, Virgin Media will no longer provide high-speed access to anything on their network until they have replenished themselves and prioritized other customers first who haven’t exceeded theirs yet.

If you find that your connection is slower than usual, the first thing to do would be to contact Virgin Media customer service and see if there are other available options where they can provide a larger data package or speed for better speeds. If this isn’t possible then it might be time reconsidering a new internet provider altogether as many users have switched over after having issues with Virgin Media, but like we have already mentioned, this isn’t an option for everyone.

If you suspect that there is a potential connection issue then sometimes using a VPN like NordVPN can help. This is because it not only encrypts your data and sends traffic through a secure server, but can also be used as an extension of the Virgin Media Broadband service in order to bypass throttling restrictions put into place by ISPs, not specifically Virgin Media.

There are many good reasons for you to try out NordVPN for yourself. For example, it provides you with military grade encryption. It also has multiple servers including one in the US and UK that are speedy enough for streaming purposes such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Virgin Media has recently posted here that they will no longer apply traffic management to download and upload activity. This means that you will not be throttled or blocked from accessing any site.

Try out NordVPN

Try a VPN

But Virgin Media continues to block connections that are sending data packets at a very high rate. This is done in order to avoid interfering with other customers who may be using the network more heavily than you and could experience reduced service quality if there was no throttling applied.

The way around this problem is by installing specific software such as NordVPN that allows you to connect privately and securely to the internet. If you are having issues connecting with your VPN on Virgin Media then follow our comprehensive guide to fix your VPN issues which can be found here.

After the installation of this software, you will be able to download and stream your favourite shows without getting throttled.

NordVPN also guarantees a secure connection with 256-bit encryption that is military grade protection in order to ensure total privacy for the user.

"Great news! After listening to your feedback, we’ve decided to stop applying traffic management to your download or upload activity. No matter which broadband service you take from us, we won’t reduce your speed. So now you can download and upload as much as you like without worrying about traffic management measures slowing you down."

So there you have it, Virgin Media does not throttle your internet connections after all. If you suspect that you are experiencing issues then the best thing to do is call them and let them know that you suspect you might need to upgrade your package and see how they can help you.


How can you tell if your Internet is being throttled?

It's easy to tell if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your connection by running a speed test and running the test again while using a virtual private network (VPN). It is likely your ISP is throttling your service if your connection is significantly faster with a VPN.

Why is my internet so slow Virgin Media?

Several factors can affect this result, including your connection to the speed test site - your WiFi limits, distance from the Hub, number of people using your internet at the time, and the type of Ethernet cable you use when testing your speeds.

How do I stop Internet throttling?

A VPN is the most effective way to stop data throttling. Your ISP wont limit all of your internet traffic, so they apply data throttling only to a specific type of traffic. Your ISP won't be able to see that traffic thanks to the encryption provided by a VPN.

Why is my internet getting throttled?

nternet connections can be throttled legally most of the time. Data usage on plans with data caps is often throttled because of excess use. It is almost always required for Internet service providers to inform consumers about speed throttling.

Will a VPN stop throttling?

Using a VPN will prevent ISP throttling since it will hide your internet activities from your ISP.

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