Best Router for Virgin Media (Better than Super Hubs)

Best Router for Virgin Media 

We know how difficult it is to try and find a replacement router for your Virgin Media internet at home. 

This is not helped by the fact that there is so much conflicting information out there, adding confusion to an already technical topic. 

To help end all of this uncertainty, we thought that we would dig a little deeper into the question, and help you find the best router for Virgin Media. 

The problem with your Virgin Media router

The main issue that you are probably experiencing is very slow internet when you are connected to your WiFi. 

The Virgin Media SuperHub that your installation came with is a great device for very basic internet usage but it is showing its age. 

This is because the average speeds that you can achieve with such an old model are not quite up to scratch anymore. Many users are discovering that even though they have a lightning fast internet connection, their devices are not able to take advantage of the increased internet overhead.

The most common example is when a new user tests out their Gig1 fibre connection over the WiFi. Frustrated customers often vent online about how they are able to achieve close to 1Gbps when connecting with an Ethernet cable, but the WiFi falls short, sometimes as low as 300Mbps, effectively a third of what they should be getting. Why?

Unfortunately the answer lies with your router from Virgin Media. These devices are excellent at doing the basics like connecting you to the internet and allowing you to get online, but advanced features like QoS (Quality of Service), VLAN and network segmentation are missing. 

Now don’t get us wrong, these features are not needed for the vast majority of users that are using standard packages. But for users that are expecting gigabit speeds over their WiFi networks, there are some upgrades that need to be undertaken.

Boosting your Virgin Media router setup

Now it is important to understand that this might not be the ultimate silver bullet to solving your internet speed, especially if you have many people using your internet connection at  the same time. 

We have written articles about the Super Hub 2, Super Hub 3 and Super Hub 4 and what their status lights mean. If you are having problems right now, then read through the article that matches your unit and see if you can get your internet working while you wait for your shiny new router to arrive.

Certain applications and protocols use more bandwidth than others, so having control over all aspects of your WiFi network is critical if you are trying to realize the full potential of your internet connection.

Below are 3 examples of budget WiFi routers that can provide you with better internet speeds and WiFi coverage without all the bells and whistles that you might not need if you only have a few people using your internet at any given time.

Below are 3 examples of some of the best premium WiFi routers for Virgin Media if you are looking for the best WiFi performance without breaking the bank.

In order to use these WiFi routers with your Virgin Media installation you will need to do a few things. Firstly, you will need an Ethernet cable to connect your WiFi router to your Virgin router. 

Next, you will need to disable the WiFi functionality of your Virgin Media router by putting it into modem mode. 

This means that your router will be able to connect to the internet as per normal, however all of the WiFi operations will be taken over by your flashy new WiFi router.

How do I put my virgin router into modem mode? (Super Hub 1, 2 and 2AC)

Connect the Super Hub 1, 2 or 2ac to your computer with an Ethernet cable before proceeding.

  1. Type in into the address bar of your favourite internet browser
  2. If you need to find the password for your login then you should find that it is printed on the bottom of the Hub
  3. Modem Mode can be found inside the Super Hub Settings section
  4. Select Enable Modem Mode
  5. Select Yes to continue. The Super Hub will reboot and activate Modem Mode

The Hub’s IP address changes from when in Modem Mode, so once you change to Modem Mode you will need to use

How do I put my virgin router into modem mode?  (Hub 3 or Hub 4)

Connect the Hub to your computer with an Ethernet cable before proceeding.

  1. Put into the address bar of your web browser
  2. You can find the password at the bottom of the hub
  3. Modem Mode can be found on the left of the screen
  4. Make sure that the Enable Modem Mode option is selected
  5. Click on Apply to save your changes

The Hub’s IP address changes from when in Modem Mode, so once you change to Modem Mode you will need to use

Finishing up

Now that you know how to find the best router for Virgin Media, you can look at our suggestions above. 

You really don’t have to spend much to get yourself a world-class WiFi network at home. You will be amazed at just how much better a new Virgin Media router enhances your internet at home.

If you have many users on your network, then you can manage things such as bandwidth monitoring and other important things that make your internet more enjoyable for everyone.