Best Mesh WiFi for BT Smart Hub

We want to help you find the best Mesh WiFi for BT Smart Hub set up at home. Getting WiFi into your home is a crucial part of many people’s everyday life.

Many homes now have multiple devices all connecting to a wireless network and it can become quite complicated because everyone expects an uninterrupted service from their internet.

This can be difficult when there are lots of things covering the signal or simply lots of people around you. In this article, we will look at how to solve your WiFi problems by employing the services of a Mesh WiFi system for your BT Smart Hub.

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Best mesh WiFi for BT

Best Mesh WiFi for BT

Once you have decided to get a Mesh WiFi system it can be quite daunting trying to work out which is the best.

There are a huge amount of Mesh WiFi systems available and all have different features.

We have put together a summary of three top systems available on the market today to help you make your decision more easily.

Does BT Smart Hub 2 Support Mesh?

Yes it does. There are plenty of options out there for you if you want to expand the coverage of your WiFi network.

Mesh WiFi systems are one of the more recent advances in wireless technology which changes the way you use your phone, computer and other devices throughout your home.

One example of a great Mesh WiFi system is the BT Whole Home Wifi System. This replaces your router with two or three little units that all work together to provide an uninterrupted connection.

Can I use Mesh Wi-Fi with BT?

Yes indeed. There are many different options out there to choose from, which we will look at in the rest of this article.

However, you don’t need to worry if you aren’t sure which one is right for you yet, because we have selected a few different solutions for you to look at.

Is BT Home Hub Mesh?

Not by default, but it is certainly compatible with Mesh WiFi systems.

BT has a range of great products and is always looking for exciting new technology to add to its services, such as the BT Whole Home Wifi System we mentioned above.

This replaces your router with three small units which all work together to provide an uninterrupted connection in every room of your home.

How do I choose Wi-Fi mesh?

You need to decide on what you are trying to achieve by upgrading your internet to a mesh system .

If you simply want to get into the world of Mesh WiFi then there are some basic systems that will do just that.

However, if you want something with a little more power and features for your BT Smart Hub 2 then it may be worth investing in one of the top tier Mesh WiFi Systems.

How much does BT Whole Home WiFi cost?

The installation of the BT Whole Home Wifi System is a one-off cost and it can be used with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems .  If you currently have a BT Smart Hub router then this will need to be replaced as part of the system.

It is important that you have a good internet

The Wi-Fi hardware that we recommend for BT installations

If you are struggling to decide on which type of WiFi router to use for your BT wireless setup then don’t worry, we have put together 2 categories and a bonus suggestion for you to look at.

BT has their own range of Mesh WiFi devices that are actually very good. They also work with an assortment of other networking equipment and Internet Providers, not just BT! 

They are available in 3 different tiers, and they perform accordingly.

Category 2: Premium Mesh WiFi

If your budget allows for it, then Mesh WiFi is the way to go if you have a fast internet connection that needs the best hardware to function properly. These are not necessary for most people, especially if you live in a smaller house or flat. However, if you have many internet users that need high performance WiFi, and a larger area,the below options are for you.

Category 3: WiFi Routers

The reality with most technology related hardware is that you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean that you have to overspend. We have 3 suggestions below for standard sized homes with about 10 to 15 devices on the BT wireless network.

Bonus Suggestions: Internet Booster

If you are not ready to part ways with your built-in WiFi on the Smart Hub, then you can try a cheap and cheerful solution – the internet booster! You can find them for under £50! Read our full article here for all the ins and outs about wireless internet boosters.


Getting your entire home covered in glorious BT WiFi is very easy. You can  achieve this by adding one of the BT Whole Home Wifi System units to your existing setup.

The recommended Mesh WiFi for BT Smart Hub is Whole Home WiFi System from BT. This is easy to install and works seamlessly, allowing you to get connected easily and provide a brilliant service.

There are more Mesh WiFi options out there, so it is a good idea to have a look at them before committing your money. We hope this article has been helpful for you.


What are the benefits of a BT Smart Hub mesh router?

As an alternative to conventional routers, BT Smart Hub mesh Wi-Fi can provide greater wireless coverage, higher speeds, and better reliability than a conventional router. They're also quick to install and scalable.

Why is mesh WiFi better on BT Smart Hub?

A wireless mesh network works much like a regular router, but it is much smarter and more efficient than a regular router. In addition, they are much more attractive than traditional routers and extenders, so you may be more inclined to keep them out in the open rather than in a closet, where signals are blocked and disrupted.

What are the disadvantages of a BT Smart Hub mesh network?

A star topology is more expensive than a bus topology, or a point to point topology. Due to the shared load and constant activity of all nodes, power consumption is higher. Mesh has a higher cost than other options. Further utility costs must be considered for each node.

What are the advantages of a BT Smart Hub mesh WiFi network?

High security and privacy are provided. Failures don't disrupt data transmission, so it is more consistent. Data transmission won't be disrupted by adding new devices. Topologies like this one are robust enough to deal with any situation. There is no centralized authority in a mesh.

What are the pros and cons of a BT Smart Hub mesh WiFi network?

Pros: Easy Scalability, Easy to Add Range, Better Coverage, Faster Speeds, Easy to install Cons: Mesh WiFi can be expensive, Not suitable for all houses, Advanced features not everyone needs