Virgin Media Broadband upgrade boosts Wi-Fi signal

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Virgin Media Broadband upgrade
  • Virgin Media Broadband is offering enhanced WiFi experiences for their customers
  • Virgin Media Broadband is a very popular service in the UK 
  • Dead spots and weak signal affect thousands of Virgin Media Broadband users
  • Hardware and software solutions from Virgin Media increases the overall WiFi experience of their users


Virgin Media’s relatively recent announcement promised to deal with 2 major broadband issues: WiFi dead-spots and weak WiFi signal. This means that no matter how many devices are connected to your Virgin Media Broadband router, you can rest assured that your internet will work as expected. How, we hear you ask? 

There is a dual approach: that they will be updating the firmware of their Hub 3 and Hub 4 broadband routers, and offering a hardware solution to help propagate the wireless signal of your Virgin Media broadband router throughout your home. The offered WiFi Pods will connect to various points in your house and will essentially create a wireless mesh network for your devices.

This means that there is no need to connect unsightly Ethernet cables to these booster boxes, as is the case with traditional WiFi boosters. How you come across these devices will vary from customer to customer, as some will receive the upgrades for free, while others will need to pay in for the option.

Mesh WiFi network devices are not new, as many vendors offer products such as Ubiquiti, Google, TP-Link and others. As we mentioned earlier, a mesh device does not need to connect with a physical cable, and instead is able to establish a connection to the router, and to other mesh devices. This makes the installation process simple and painless, making it possible for even the most technologically challenged to install the boosters in no time.

A benefit to using this kind of network is that there is seamless handover between devices, nodes and segments of the network. So if you are on a vital Zoom call while carrying your laptop to another area of your home, you will not be disconnected if your coverage is sufficient. Your signal will not drop as you go between wireless zones, which is far better for your internet experience. 

There are areas of business that identified mesh networks very early one such as warehousing and retail spaces which require workers to carry wireless devices such as scanners and tablets across large areas, and even between buildings. This same technology is now cost effective enough for it to be available to home users, which is great news for the average internet user.

Virgin Media made the announcement earlier this year, and they mention the following on their website:

  • Intelligent WiFi Plus will power Virgin Media’s fastest and most reliable service to date 
  • New Intelligent WiFi Pods combined with enhanced Intelligent WiFi firmware will bring speeds up to three times faster around the home
  • Research reveals more than half of Brits have experienced in-home WiFi issues with the bedroom suffering from the worst WiFi signal of any room in the house
  • Ultimate Oomph and Gig1 customers can sign up to the new service and benefit from the best in-home WiFi coverage at no extra cost


The great thing about this upgrade is that it does not require specialized staff to install it for you. Instead, you can simply receive the new devices via mail, connect them and complete the simple set up. Once you have finished the original set up you are free to move it around the house until you find the sweet spot for your new booster. 

The pods are able to automatically reduce the amount of interference from neighbouring WiFi channels by automatically changing the WiFi channels until they find a network that has the least amount of interference. If you live in a high density area that has many WiFi networks close by, then you should find some great improvements to the overall performance and range of your WiFi network. 

If you are already a Virgin Media Broadband user then you will already be familiar with the Connect app on your smartphone. This same app will allow you to control the devices on your network. You will be able to look at more fine grained details as well, such as the signal strength in each area of your home. 

It also allows you to perform basic administrative functions like blocking unwanted devices and even pausing devices that you don’t want to have connected and using bandwidth temporarily. This is useful when you have massive updates and downloads coming through for your computers, laptops and gaming consoles.

These new updates are very handy for users that are experiencing issues with their WiFi. We have covered the basic WiFi troubleshooting steps that you need to take with your Virgin Media Broadband WiFi connections here, so take a look if you are having WiFi speed issues.

Many Virgin Media Broadband users have reported having issues with connecting to various VPN services. Luckily we have outlined how to get your VPN up and running in no time on your Hub device with our handy blog post which can be found right over here. We also delve a little deeper into the reasons why your VPN service might be being blocked on Virgin Media, which can be found right here.

Have you recently upgraded to the new boosters in your home? Are you seeing much of an improvement? Let us know!