Do You Need a Virgin WiFi Booster? [Beginner’s Guide to Getting Better Internet!]

In today’s fast-paced world, internet connectivity is crucial for daily life. Many households and businesses rely on WiFi for seamless internet access, but what happens when your WiFi signal becomes weak or unreliable? This is where a Virgin WiFi booster comes in.

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What is a Virgin WiFi Booster?

A Virgin WiFi booster is a device that enhances your WiFi signal strength and coverage. It works by connecting to your Virgin router and amplifying the signal, reaching further and providing stronger coverage in your home or office areas where the signal may be weak.

Why You Need a Virgin WiFi Booster

As much as we rely on the internet for work and entertainment, there are still many challenges that can come with WiFi connectivity. If you’re facing any of the following issues, it might be time to invest in a Virgin WiFi booster:

  • Dead spots in your home or office: Have you ever experienced a weak or nonexistent signal in certain parts of your home or office? This is a common issue and can be frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of an important task.
  • Slow internet speeds: If you’re tired of waiting for pages to load or buffering while streaming, slow internet speeds can be a major annoyance. A Virgin WiFi booster can help you experience faster speeds and smoother streaming.
  • Reduced reliability: Are you tired of losing connection while working or playing online games? A weak or unreliable WiFi signal can be a major problem, but a Virgin WiFi booster can help you stay connected and keep working or playing with ease.
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Benefits of a Virgin WiFi Booster

  • Improved signal strength and coverage
  • Seamless internet connectivity
  • Faster internet speeds
  • Better streaming and gaming experience
  • Reduced buffering and lag
  • No more dead spots in your home or office

How to Choose the Right Virgin WiFi Booster

When choosing a Virgin WiFi booster, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Compatibility with your Virgin router
  • Coverage area
  • Number of rooms and floors
  • Thick walls and obstacles
  • Number of devices connected
TP-Link RE220 Setup Video fix Virgin Media
  • Download the TP-Link Tether app on your smartphone, and follow the Setup Device Menu by clicking on the + symbol.
  • Select Range Extender
  • Ensure the power LED is on, then select the Next option to scan your network
  • TP-Link Extender will show up; select it
  • You will be prompted for a password and to confirm your password
  • Next, select your WiFi network
  • Applying Settings will now display. Once complete, you are finished!
  • Relocate your repeater to the halfway point between the area that needs more signal and the Virgin router.
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How to Install a Virgin WiFi Booster

Installing a Virgin WiFi booster is easy and straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

  • Plug the booster into a power source
  • Connect the booster to your Virgin router using an Ethernet cable
  • Wait for the booster to connect and configure itself
  • Place the booster in a central location for optimal coverage

Personal Experience with a Virgin WiFi Booster

In my personal experience, using a Virgin WiFi booster has greatly improved my internet experience. I no longer have to deal with slow internet speeds or buffering, and I can stay connected in all areas

of my home.

Before I installed a Virgin WiFi booster, I would frequently lose connection in certain rooms, particularly those further away from my router. This was a major inconvenience, especially when I needed to work from home or stream a movie.

After doing some research and consulting with Virgin support, I chose a booster that was compatible with my router and had a coverage area that met my needs. The installation process was simple, and I was up and running in no time.

The difference was noticeable almost immediately. My internet speeds were faster and more consistent, and I no longer experienced any connectivity issues. Additionally, the booster was able to support the number of devices I had connected to my network, which was a bonus.

Check out my unboxing video in the article as well as the setup to see how I did it.


In conclusion, a Virgin WiFi booster is a highly effective solution to improve your WiFi signal strength and coverage. It provides seamless internet connectivity, faster speeds, better streaming, and gaming experience, and reduces buffering and lag.

Just make sure to choose one that is compatible with your router, covers the area you need, and can support the number of devices you have. The installation process is simple, and the benefits are well worth it.

So, if you’re facing issues with your Virgin WiFi, consider investing in a Virgin WiFi booster.