Why is my VPN Not Working With Virgin Media? Let’s Fix It!

Quick Virgin Media Stats

  • Virgin Media is based in the UK and is one of the best known ISPs in that region.
  • Many people struggle with throttling and VPN issues on Virgin Media
  • Using a VPN with Virgin Media helps to resolve common problems like throttling and blocked protocols.
  • VPN issues on Virgin Media can be resolved by following our guide below.

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Fix Virgin Media VPN
Fix Virgin VPN
Virgin Media is one of the biggest internet service provider's in Britain so it is no surprise that so many people use this service. It is also no surprise that if there is a common issue then many many people will suffer from similar symptoms. In this guide we want to show you how you can fix some of the most common issues found on Virgin Media. We have written up this post to help you with perhaps one of the biggest problems with using Virgin Media: VPN issues. Virgin Media VPN not working.

What kind of restrictions could affect your overall experience? The primary ones are connection throttling and regional content blocking. Therefore if your VPN is not working then you automatically lose out on speed, content and reliability. To combat this we have created a guide that will help you to solve whatever issues you might be experiencing with the help of a VPN.

We know you have probably been searching through the Virgin Media FAQ website trying to figure out why your VPN is not working, and that you probably haven’t had any luck yet. You are not alone!

There are thousands of people that are not aware that there is a default setting on their Virgin Media supplied router that disables VPN features. We have a guide to help you fix it in under 5 minutes, so let’s get started. Below you will find a table of contents. Simply click on the heading of each section and you’ll go straight there. Good luck!

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Why Use a VPN?

Virgin Media, like most internet service providers around the globe, has certain restrictions in place on their connections. Some of these are necessary according to local laws and regulations, while others are designed to help with network saturation and fair usage.

One example is the fact that popular protocols such as P2P (peer-to-peer) are not permitted on Virgin Media. Using applications that make use of that protocol such as torrents or other peer-to-peer services can result in your service being terminated.

In order to work from home safely most companies have provided VPN access for their employees to log into. Unfortunately, you might have already found that you cannot connect to your work connection because of your router.

Not to worry, we show you how to fix this problem too, as it all stems from the same settings issue that plagues all Virgin Media routers.

Some countries are GEO-blocked from receiving certain content, which means that even though they are paying the same subscription fees as people in other countries, they are simply not able to access all of the same premium content.

Using a VPN is a convenient way to side step the whole issue and enjoy the content that you want to watch without being restricted.

Your VPN needs to have multiple servers in each region to ensure that you have a selection to choose from. That way you can cycle through a list of server locations until you find the one that provides you with the most stable connection. NordVPN has over 5400 servers in 59 countries around the world, so they have got you covered.

Another interesting fact about NordVPN is that it is based in Panama. They therefore have no obligations to store any logs or records of what their users are doing online, which is an amazing win on the privacy front. Nobody should have access to what you do online so this feature alone is worth the price of admission.

Ever since the introduction of SuperHub 3, users have reported issues with connecting their Virgin Media routers to a VPN service. Prior to this model update users were able to connect to many different VPN providers. Luckily there is an easy work around that is simple to fix!

Log into your Router and Follow these 10 Easy Steps

  1. Plug in an Ethernet cable from your router to your Mac, computer, or laptop’s LAN adapter.  
  2. Open an internet browser and type in the following IP address . (If this does not open a login page to your router then you may have to contact the Virgin Media technical support team to assist you with finding out what your IP address is.)
  3. At the router login page enter your username and password.
  4. Once you have logged in, navigate to Advanced Settings and select the Firewall option.
  5. You will see a list of tick boxes under you Firewall Settings.
  6. Make sure that the ‘Block fragmented IP packets’ option has been Disabled. If you don’t see that option, then look for the following and make sure that they are all selected:
  7. IPSec Pass-Through
  8. PPTP Pass-Through
  9. Multicast Pass-Through 
  10. Save your changes and then restart your router. In some cases you might need to restart your computer, laptop or Mac as well.

You are done! You should now be able to connect to your VPN and start enjoying the privacy and freedom that the internet was designed to provide you with in the first place! If you are still having issues, then take a look at our troubleshooting guide below.

Virgin Media Super Hub VPN

Troubleshooting your Virgin Media VPN Issues

Sometimes you can have an issue with your VPN installation. This doesn’t happen very often, but its a good place to start if you find that the router setting changes that you made have not resolved the issue. Simply reinstall the VPN application and allow the process to finish. Once you have reinstalled the application then all you need to do is reboot your Mac, computer or laptop.

If that doesn’t work, then the next step is to check your Operating System’s firewall and make sure that the VPN client software is not being blocked. To check this in Windows 10 do the following:

  • Click on the Windows Start button
  • Open the Windows Defender Security Centre
  • Select the Virus & Threat Protection settings icon
  • Click on Exclusions
  • Click on Add or Remove Exclusions
  • Add an exclusion and select the VPN application that you are using
  • If this does not resolve your issue then reach out to your VPN’s technical support. NordVPN has 24 hour chat support 365 days a year.

If you are using a free VPN then it is advisable that you look at finding a decent premium VPN service, even if it isn’t our personal favourite, NordVPN. Why? Free VPN services are not obligated to protect you or your information, and they are also free to store your meta data and share, distribute or sell it as they see fit. Just because a service is ‘free’ it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cost anything.

Get your VPN Working with Virgin Media Router

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Just because you can’t connect to your favourite VPN doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. We have shown you just how easy it is to work around this issue, so you don’t have to call the support desk and ask them for any help. Calling them isn’t really going to be especially helpful if they don’t officially support VPNs in the first place.

If you are working at home then be sure to check out our latest product comparison for the best work from home keyboards right here. Have you ever wondered about running a VPN on Linux? Of course you have, check out our article on how to install it right here

We hope that you have found this short guide useful, and that you are now able to connect to the services that you want, and at the speeds that you are paying for. 

Happy browsing! 😉


Is Virgin Media blocking VPN?

It is possible that Virgin Media blocks VPNs because some people use VPN networks to access torrent sites with content like pirated movies and music, which violate copyright laws. VPN's are typically blocked by the ISP as a way to monitor traffic that it sends or receives, which gives them insight into what you're using your internet for. So if Virgin Media viewed those connections suspiciously high volumes of data transfer on their network (or saw something that triggered an automatic block), it might be blocking you even without asking too many questions first.

Why is Virgin Media blocking my VPN?

It is unlikely that there will be any unintended blocks to services. As a policy, Virgin Media does not block access to any of the prominent torrent index sites. The most likely explanation for this experience will be an issue with your VPN provider or browser settings. You'll want to contact them for further assistance.

How do I unblock my Virgin Media VPN?

Plug an Ethernet cable into your Virgin Media router. 2. Navigate to or from an internet browser. 3. Enter your credentials (username and password). 4. Select Advanced settings. 5. Disable ‘Block fragmented IP packets' then select the firewall and tick IPSec Pass-Through. 7. Then click on Apply to apply your changes.

Does Virgin Media support VPN?

Yes it does. Virgin's censorship is a pain, but you can bypass it with use of VPNs.

Is Virgin blocking IPTV?

sometimes not. However, using a VPN like NordVPN seems to fix this issue.