Can I Get Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media: A How To Guide (Easy For Beginners)

We want to tell you how to Get Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media if you have great internet, but nothing to watch!

Can you get Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media? We’ve got some good news for you. You too will be able to watch Sky Atlantic’s US imports sans needing to shell out for a Sky subscription after you follow our guide.

The answers might not be exactly what you had in mind, but a solution is there for you if you look into it. There are many amazing series on Sky Atlantic, including Save Me Too, Westworld, and The Outsider, all from the US and the UK.

There was a time when Sky Atlantic was only available through the purchase of a Sky TV package, but there is now an alternative through NOW TV, the broadcaster’s own online service.

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How to Get Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media
How to Get Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media

Why No Sky Atlantic on Virgin? Can I get Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media Broadband Deals?

Is Sky Atlantic on virgin? Sky Atlantic is not available on Virgin TV as a listed channel like it is on Sky. Virgin Media subscribers can still watch it, however. NOW TV, Sky’s streaming service, offers almost all of its content. 

This means that if you want to watch the US imports on Virgin Media, you will have to use the NOW TV app, as Virgin doesn’t offer its own streaming service.

Is Virgin Media in the UK a better option than NOW TV?

It’s a great question. Virgin Media is one of the UK’s largest broadband providers. The NOW TV app is only available on Android and iOS, so it’s not the most user-friendly of apps. The main difference is that Virgin Media offers free trials, whereas NOW TV does not.

Is Sky Atlantic Free on Virgin Media

Sky Atlantic is not listed on Virgin TV as a channel like it is on Sky. If you have Virgin Media, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it though. As we have discussed you can still watch it via NOW TV, which is a streaming service that can be accessed via the internet on your favourite streaming devices.

Why Does Virgin Media Not Have Sky Atlantic

Can You Get Sky Atlantic on Virgin? Sky Atlantic will never be offered to another brand. Sky Atlantic caused a huge uproar when it was released because all Sky One shows were moved to it, so to continue watching shows like “LOST”, you had no choice but to pay for Sky. It won’t change. If you really want to watch content from Sky Atlantic then you can watch it via NOW TV.

What Channel Is Sky Atlantic on Virgin

Virgin Media does not offer Sky Atlantic as part of any of the TV packages it offers to customers.  Virgin Media Sky Atlantic solutions are available though, so read on.

Can Virgin Media Customers Get Sky Atlantic?

Virgin Media does not offer Sky Atlantic as part of any of the TV packages it offers to customers.  

What Channel Number Is Sky Atlantic on Virgin Tv?

Is watching sky Atlantic possible on Virgin Media? It is not available on Virgin TV, so there is no channel for it so you will need to use another service in order to access Sky Atlantic content.

Can I watch Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media?

Unfortunately, Virgin Media doesn’t offer Sky Atlantic as part of its TV packages or content featuring Sky Atlantic programming.

Can I watch Sky Atlantic on BT TV, TalkTalk TV and Freesat?

The answer is sadly no once again.

You cannot access Sky content on Freesat, and while you can add certain Sky channels (like Sky Sports or Sky Cinema) to your BT or TalkTalk package, Sky Atlantic is not included.

How to watch Sky Atlantic if you do not have Sky

NOW TV and its Entertainment pass are available to Virgin Media, BT TV, Freeview, and TalkTalk TV customers.

Through the NOW TV app, you will have access to Sky Atlantic and ten other live TV channels as well as an on-demand library of over 300 box sets. There are often brand new episodes of its most popular shows as well as old classic series available in the box sets.

The fact that NOW TV does not require a contract is a major advantage, making this a real Sky Atlantic Virgin solution.

Passes are billed on a monthly basis, so you can cancel or renew them at any time. You can watch your favorite shows when they are on so you don’t end up paying for something you don’t watch.

Which devices can I watch NOW TV on?

You can watch NOW TV on a variety of devices.

YouView set-top boxes from BT and TalkTalk both offer NOW TV access through the app. Virgin Media’s V6 box does not have the NOW TV app, so customers will have to watch on another device.

The following table lists all devices that are currently compatible with the NOW TV app. On one subscription, you can register up to six people and watch on two screens at the same time.

Compatible Desktop devices include:

Apple: You need Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.

Microsoft: Now TV is compatible with PCs that have Windows 8 or later.

Watching Sky Atlantic in High Definition on NOW TV?

With a NOW TV boost bolt-on, you can get Sky Atlantic in HD for £3.99 per month extra. You will receive all Sky Atlantic box sets plus the live Sky Atlantic channel. This includes Sky Atlantic programs. 

Unfortunately, not all devices can stream NOW TV in HD. For instance, NOW TV’s app for smartphones and tablets does not support it so you can enjoy Sky Atlantic on your internet connection. 

Conclusion: Get Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media – Is it possible?

So, Does Virgin Have Sky Atlantic? Sadly the answer is no. As we have seen, you can access Sky Atlantic from Virgin Media, but only through a third-party app or service.

This is a little disappointing, but it is at least a workaround so that you can watch the content that you are after without needing to resort to anything that is not above board.

We hope that you have found this interesting and we will see you next time.


What channel is Sky Atlantic on on virgin?

Can I watch Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media? No, Sky Atlantic isn't available with any of Virgin Media's TV packages.

Is Sky Atlantic only on HD?

NOW streams Sky Atlantic in HD on certain devices; however, this is subject to broadband speeds. On the other hand, if you're not concerned with always watching programmes in HD or if you're only interested in a few series, NOW may be a better deal for you than signing up for a contract with Sky.

How can I get Sky Atlantic for free?

Getting Sky Atlantic is simple; as long as you're a Sky TV customer you already have Sky Atlantic as it's included as part of Sky Signature. If you want to watch Sky Atlantic in high definition with enhanced picture and sound all you need to do is add Sky HD.

Is Sky Atlantic included in basic package?

While it may be considered the basic package of Sky, Sky TV gets you a whole host of entertainment to watch, boasting over 300 channels to switch your way through. These include: Sky One. Sky Atlantic.

Is Sky Atlantic on Amazon Prime?

Meanwhile, people with an Amazon Fire TV device will also be able to access the NOW TV app and log in to access Sky content, including Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic.