Virgin Media Mesh WiFi: Best Mesh WiFi for Virgin Media (With explanations)

Virgin Media Mesh WiFi is excellent for a few good reasons. Think about your current WiFi setup. You probably have some areas in your house that are not getting great reception, or maybe worse: no signal at all, even with an inexpensive Virgin WiFi booster.

Mesh setups make this problem far less noticeable by providing multiple WiFi transmitters in a set with reliable internet. This makes it ideal for WiFi, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and even intelligent home setups.

This means that you can place many different WiFi units throughout your house so that each zone of your home can have an excellent signal. But wait, what about having to run all those messy cables? This article aims to find out, so let’s read on!

Best Mesh WiFi for Virgin Media

The great news is that there are no cables to worry about other than the power cable of each additional unit. These units communicate via a wireless mesh system, where the teams communicate with one another for increased performance and redundancy.

So you can find the right device for your setup and budget. Let’s dive in!

Why do you need a mesh router for Virgin Media?

The main reason that you ‘need’ (strong word, I know) mesh WiFi or pod units is because your current internet might be suffering from black spots and dead zones in your living spaces.

You really want one of these intelligent WiFi units if:

  • Your internet is prolonged around the house.
  • Your internet is cutting out randomly.
  • Devices cannot share bandwidth, hogging what they can when they can.

We have rummaged through Amazon and found a few great units for you to check out. These include intelligent WiFi plus other must-have functionality such as WPS and QoS.

All the links after this point of my affiliate link, so thanks in advance if you look at any of these spiffy suggestions! These devices can either replace your existing third-party Virgin Media Access points or work in tandem with your Superhub while it is in modem operation mode.

Google Wifi Mesh is probably one of the ‘OG’ units that started using this technology a few years back, and it is still a popular choice.

The setup is performed in typical Google fashion, meaning it is straightforward and intuitive with a simple app. Another popular choice in 2021 is the NETGEAR Orbi Mesh.

This is a 3-unit pack that shares many similarities with the Google system that we mentioned above. A better internet experience results when you have multiple units throughout your home, which means that everyone is far happier!

What are the benefits of Mesh WiFi Pod Performance?

Virgin Media Wi-Fi now offers an intelligent WiFi pod solution for getting WiFi throughout your home. Many consider these Virgin WiFi pod units to be one of the better WiFi pod design concepts for the home. The units offer WiFi pod performance for Virgin Media customers significantly better than a cheap wireless extender.

In fact, Virgin intelligent WiFi is said to offer far better performance than a standard WiFi router that does not amplify signal appropriately around the house. You can contact them and ask for Virgin Media intelligent and additional WiFi pods, but you can also find alternatives on our Amazon Affiliate links in this article.

Just because these units do not have a Virgin Media sign on them does not mean that they are any worse than the pods provided by Virgin Media broadband. Take a look below for some examples of intelligent WiFi. We look forward to your comments!

Enhanced Signal Coverage

A few different types of mesh networks work with broadband, but an internet hub group is one of the most common types.

Mesh Networking offers multiple nodes for your broadband rather than a single access point means that you do not need to use just one router with a weak signal for your internet needs.

If your home is connected wirelessly to every corner and crevice of your home thanks to these two devices working together, then mesh broadband is the solution for your internet needs that will serve you.

Get rid of dead zones in your home.

The farther you are from a traditional router, the weaker the wireless signal becomes.

This problem is eliminated by mesh networking.

As each station relays information to and from one another, you can use them continuously throughout your home as they use each unit as a stepping stone to your internet router.

Control everything from your smartphone!

A smartphone app is usually included with mesh systems. You can get to know your system better with this app.

Now you can manage your system and do not need a large company to do it for you. All the controls are available conveniently on your phone.

Spread your internet around With Intelligent WiFi Pods.

Many Virgin Media users have found that the intelligent WiFi pods offered by their ISP work quite well, but there are more solutions out there as well.

WiFi pods differ in functionality, price, and performance, so it is essential to find one that suits your needs.

Most people at home connect to Wi-Fi with their smartphones and handheld devices.

In the past, the computer room with one desktop was stagnant. Now that isn’t the case.

Many other internet-enabled devices have appeared in recent years.

Smart speaker, television, watch, and bathroom scales are becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

Our home is filled with various devices scattered around the rooms.

There is less chance of internet interruption if mesh networks cover all of those devices, regardless of where they are located.

Customized Size

It doesn’t matter how big your mesh network is because an entire network consists of multiple hubs that all talk to one another, provided they are in the range.

Think of these hubs as a virtual chain of WiFi goodness. 

If you want to add another module because it is needed, then you can add it with minimal effort!

A person can be removed from the list if you no longer want them to have access to your internet, so people will have to be nice to you if they wish to have their social media fixed!

The bottom line in terms of configuration is that it is easy peasy; it’s quick and easy to add and remove hubs as needed.

Really easy to configure (like, super easy!)

As mentioned, mesh networks are straightforward to set up.

Many nodes are involved in mesh networks which is why it seems like a daunting task to configure them all, but that couldn’t be further from the truth..

The satellite hubs do not have to be configured manually.

In most cases, they can do it themselves. (check out each manufacturer’s stats before you jump in)

Mesh Wifi is known for its Reliability.

Meshed networks have extremely high resilience, reliability, and range.

Whenever a path change or rerouting occurs, it’s constantly “discovering” new changes to the network environment.

This is why some people call these intelligent network devices.

All the data is passed through each node in range and then relayed to others on their way back to your router.

That’s thousands of operations every day, and these don’t even break a sweat.

A device failure will not necessarily lead to downtime either- instead, a clever reroute will be instituted immediately, making you not even realize that there is an issue.

The intelligent app we spoke about will often notify you of any issues, so you are never the last person to know.

Below are some more Amazon affiliate links to our recommendations.

Best Wifi Mesh WiFi Pod Design

By now, you have probably realized that Virgin Media has no ideal Wi-Fi network. Instead, there is an optimal WiFi network for you.

This is a 4G+ device, so my LTE connection is blazing fast and rock solid. It is mesh compatible, which is why I bring it up, and it works incredibly well with the TP-Link Deco X60 devices.

If WiFi 6 is something you would like to try and future-proof, then you can also check out this mesh-enabled beast, the  TP-Link WiFi 6 Mesh WiFi.

You have plenty of options when selecting both budget-friendly and high-performance models from different manufacturers.

What have we learned about MeshWiFi?

There is a ton of information out there telling you about how you need to have the most expensive networking equipment, but that simply isn’t so.

You can find the right device for your needs and budget without overspending on features you don’t need.

The key technical factor to consider is if you plan on using any WiFi 6 devices in the near to mid-term future and if they are WiFi plus rated. Intelligent WiFi plus is critical to modern homes with broadband.

If your answer is no, you can easily enhance your home network with a device that came out in the last year or 2 with no issues.

You will still reap the rewards of having reliable internet with incredible speeds and fantastic reliability. If you simply have to have the latest and greatest gadgets, then check out some of my suggestions above and find out which device will be suitable for you.

We hope this has helped get your smart home connected to the internet, and we’ll see you next time.

Happy surfing!