WiFi Adapter for PC without CD (Easy to install)

This article covers steps to install a driver for a wireless LAN adapter for your PC. If you want to ensure your device is working correctly, we recommend using a dedicated wireless adapter.

Moreover, you should ensure your wireless LAN adapter is updated with the latest drivers. Using Windows, open your device manager, then right-click on the adapter name and choose “Update Driver Software.”

This could take a while on older computers, and it may ask you to reboot your PC.

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WiFi Adapter for PC without CD
WiFi Adapter for PC without CD

How to Install USB WiFi Adapter Manually Without a CD

If you are like most of us, you have probably had situations when you didn’t have a CD drive to install software drivers for a new hardware device. You can install a wireless adapter driver manually without a CD. Just follow the steps below.

Download and manually install drivers

1. Go to the manufacturer’s website from an internet-enabled device and

download the latest driver for your device.

2. Save the driver to a convenient location on your computer.

3. Open Device Manager and locate the device that is installed on your computer.

4. Right click on the device name and select Update Driver Software.

5. Complete the installation by following the onscreen instructions.

6. You can now use the device.

If you have downloaded an installer, then you should follow these steps.

1. From an internet enabled device, navigate to the manufacturer’s website and

download the latest driver for your device.

2. Go to the folder containing the.exe file and double-click on it.

3. Install the Wireless Network Adapter Driver.

4. Check the Hardware device manager and ensure the driver is installed properly.

5. Turn on your computer and see whether you can connect to the wireless network.

6. The device driver should now be installed.

Install Wireless Adapter Without CD Windows 10

Windows 10 is a phenomenal step forward in operating system technologies because of the way it handles software drivers. The improvements started way back with Windows 7, and Windows 10 has picked up where Windows 7 and Windows 8 left off.

Windows 8 was actually far less stable for many users than Windows 7, but it was still very good at handling drivers and automatically updating them. Windows 10 is even better at handling drivers, and it even updates them automatically for you.

It is not a requirement to use Windows 10, but it is recommended that you use it. If you are looking for a way to install a wireless adapter driver manually without a CD, then you should try Windows 10.

1. Go to the Start menu and open Settings.

2. Click on Update & Security.

3. Click on Windows Update.

4. Click on Check for updates.

5. Drivers will automatically update if there are any updates available.

Use Device Manager to Install WiFi Adapter

If Windows doesn’t download the drivers automatically when you connect a new device, then you need to first download the driver(s) for that device before you can actually use it.

Once downloaded, the drivers will be loaded into the operating system. This process is called a driver installation, and it’s usually something that is handled automatically by Windows.

Device Manager is built into Windows operating systems, and is one of the many tools that Windows is equipped with that helps you manage the configuration of devices on your PC. You can also use Device Manager to uninstall devices from your computer if you no longer intend on using them.

To access the Device Manager, you simply need to open the Control Panel. The Control Panel is accessed at the bottom of the screen via the Start Menu, or you can go directly to the Control Panel by opening the Start Menu and searching for “Control Panel”.

In the Control Panel, you’ll see a list of all devices connected to your PC in Device Manager, which includes the devices you’ve connected to your computer through the USB port and other interfaces like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Use a Flash Drive to Install WiFi Adapter

If you want to install the wireless adapter driver without a CD, you can do it by using a flash drive. Using the instructions below, you will be able to install the wireless adapter driver without a CD.

  1. Make sure you’ve got a flash drive with enough space to copy the files.
  2. Download the latest driver package from the device manufacturer’s website.
  3. Put the driver on the flash drive.
  4. Insert the flash drive into the PC.
  5. Run the installation file for your WiFi adapter’s driver pack.
  6. The driver should automatically install.

Wrapping up

Installing a USB WiFi adapter is not rocket science. If you have a USB WiFi adapter that you want to install, then you need to follow the instructions in this article to get the job done.

Hopefully, you will be able to install your USB WiFi adapter without any problems. If you are using Windows 7, then you can also follow the instructions in this article to install your wireless adapter. Thanks for reading, and let us know if you have found a better way to install a wireless adapter without a CD.