Why does Virgin Media keep cutting out? (Updated for 2021)

/ / Why does Virgin Media keep cutting out? (Updated for 2021)

We’ve all had moments when the internet cuts out for a few seconds, then miraculously starts working again. Why does it happen? We look at the symptoms and potential solutions for your internet woes.

If your internet is cutting out then we can truly relate. There are few things as frustrating as an unstable internet connection. When your internet is offline, so are your hobbies, work commitments and entertainment services.

Virgin WiFi dropping out simply will not do. 

To help us combat this incredible inconvenience, we have put together some common solutions to help you get your internet back on track.

Some of them are as simple as restarting your SuperHub, while others will require a little research and configuration to get just right.

Either way, we’ll help you get your internet connection back on track and hopefully working as it was before your troubles started.

Why does Virgin Media keep cutting out?

A question for the ages if ever there was one. If you are here, then the chances are high that your Virgin Media internet keeps cutting out.

There are many reasons for this, and the main culprits are:

A bad wireless router: If your router has an issue that is causing it to restart, re-scan channels, or reboot the WiFi services then you will experience brief and intermittent interruptions.If this sounds like your issue then you can either try doing a factory reset on your Virgin Media Hub, or disable your WiFi and purchase a dedicated WiFi router.

This device connects to your Virgin Media Hub and then does all of the wireless functions for you.

A bad Virgin Media Hub: Symptoms of this kind of problem will normally be a solid fault, whereby your WiFi might be showing as limited, or with a no internet symbol.This usually indicates that your WiFi is working just fine, but once a device is connected to your Virgin Media hub then it cannot access the internet.

You will need to call the Virgin Media team for assistance, and see if they can assist over the phone.If you suspect that you have a bad Ethernet cable then look at our recommendations here.

A bad network configuration: We’ve all fiddled with settings we weren’t supposed to before, and sometimes this can lead to mayhem with our internet.If you think you might have accidentally set something wrong, or disabled something that you shouldn’t have, then you can contact the Virgin Media support team and ask them to troubleshoot with you.

A faulty Virgin Media wall box: It’s rare, but sometimes you can have a faulty Virgin Media wall box to contend with. A loose connection, a damaged socket, or bent pins can make your cable connection a little less than ideal in some instances.Look at your wall box and check for any physical damage. This can occur sometimes when furniture is pushed against or along a wall when moving, or a careless trip over the connecting wires can pull a cable out.

Whatever the case is, you will need to book an engineer to come and repair your wallbox if it has been damaged.

A faulty Virgin Media installation: In rare cases you can experience your Virgin Media connection cutting out due to a street level fault.Sometimes the infrastructure that powers the Virgin Media network can become damaged or corroded and needs to be evaluated by their specially trained engineers.

Unfortunately if this is determined to be the issue then you will need to book a service call out.

There are many other symptoms that you might have as well. For example, if your Virgin Media WiFi keeps cutting out (the WiFi symbol disappears and then reappears on your device) then you can almost safely say that your WiFi router, or if you have one, your WiFi booster, might be restarting or dropping your WiFi connection.

If you are noting this on only one particular device such as a specific tablet or iPhone, then you can  quickly try and resolve this by ‘forgetting’ the network, and then re enrolling it again. (You must know what your WiFi password is for this, otherwise you will battle to reconnect again)

Another ‘why does my Virgin Media internet keep cutting out?’ type of solution that also has to do with your WiFi involves your WiFi channels, and more specifically, your WiFi channel frequencies.

Modern WiFi  routers have multiple frequencies, specifically 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The 5Ghz range is incredibly fast and it performs very well for things like laptops, smartphones and the latest gaming consoles.

There is a drawback to this increased speed, however. The 5Ghz frequencies are notoriously fickle over longer distances and at passing through obstacles. This means that your Virgin Media Broadband WiF signal might intermittently cut out when you least expect it to.

To rule this out as a possible failure point you can simply disable the 5Ghz frequency and revert back to the slower, but more stable 2.4Ghz network and see if things improve.

If you find an improvement, but you are missing those 5Ghz speeds then you simply must upgrade your wireless kit to something purpose built for the job.

If you are in the market for another WiFi router then check out our top picks for Virgin Media wireless routers in our break down article here. If you live in a larger house, then our Virgin Media Mesh guide will help you choose the right device for your specific requirements.

If you are looking for a solid fix then mesh Wi-Fi is the way to go. It improves WiFi signal issues and unlocks the speed potential of your internet connection.

Below are some Amazon affiliate links to my recommendations.

If you suspect that your WiFi is simply too weak but you don’t quite have the budget then you can look at our Virgin WiFi booster guide right here. This is the cheapest and easiest way to bridge the gap in your current wireless network and eliminate annoying black spots in your home.

If you want to look at alternatives to WiFi for connectivity, then we have even written about some great Virgin Media compatible powerline adapters, which you can find here.

Resolving Virgin Media broadband cutting out issues

Even if you are a seasoned IT pro, you may find that there are issues that you simply can’t fix yourself.

This could be for a number of reasons such as a lack of access to the fault, restricted visibility so that you cannot access the appropriate login page to diagnose the issue, or just not having the time to figure it out for yourself.

In the case of your WiFi cutting out (The SuperHub WiFi light is going on and off constantly) a common symptom is that your service light (up and down arrows on most models) is showing green instead of blue.

You can try restarting your SuperHub and see if it clears the fault. If not, then hop onto your phone or any other device that actually has a connection to the internet.

Then browse to https://www.virginmedia.com/help/service-status and check with your postal code if there is a general fault in your area. If you are using My Virgin Media, then check out your service status here.

This is an excellent starting point so you can determine if it is everyone around you also having the issue, or if it is just unlucky for you in this instance and you are the only one with no internet.

A good starting point is performing a factory reset on your router. This sounds intimidating but it is really simple.

If you are using the factory default router that was supplied to you from Virgin Media then all of the settings that it defaults to will allow you to connect to the internet again with no hassles.

The sticker on the underside of your router will have all of the necessary details that you might need to log in and reconfigure your old WiFi network name and password.

Once you are comfortable with the notion of a factory reset then simply look on the back of your router and find a small hole with a black button inside of it. Next to this hole you will see Factory Reset’ written in small print showing where to perform the reset.

In order to reset your router, simply get a paper clip, or suitably thin implement and press  the button for between 8 and 10 seconds. This will start the factory reset process.

If that fixes your internet, then congratulations!

If not then you can try to log into the Virgin Media website and run through the self diagnosis here.

Virgin Media cutting in and out Still a problem?

If you have tried everything above and you still have no joy in connecting reliably to the internet without your internet cutting out, then there is still hope.

Simply use the above shortcuts that we laid out for quick and easy assistance online.

The Virgin Media app and website can quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, and in some instances, even repair a fault without you even needing to log a support ticket.

Simply log in with your account details, follow the prompts and you will be able to pinpoint what the issue is, and what your next potential steps are, assuming you didn’t have your issue resolved automatically.


Why does Virgin Media keep cutting out?

There are many reasons for this. You could have a faulty router, a bad WiFi router, a faulty Virgin Media wallbox, a faulty Ethernet cable, or a bad installation to your home.

Why does my Internet randomly cut out?

You could either have a service fault on your line with Virgin Media, or a local issue with your WiFi router. Log onto the Virgin Media site and determine which issue is affecting you.

How do I fix WiFi cutting in and out?

A factory reset to your Virgin Media SuperHub will usually do the trick, however a dedicated WiFi router is usually the best choice. An additional WiFi router will give you the added features and stability that you need to enjoy the internet in your home without interruptions.

How do I fix my Internet cutting off randomly?

The quickest and easiest thing to do is to contact Virgin Media and have them diagnose and troubleshoot your issue for you. All of this can be done remotely without needing to send out an engineer. If additional faults are discovered, then you may need to be prepared to pay for a call out fee.