Can I use any router with Sky Q? (Beginner’s Guide)

Can I use any router with Sky Q? Spoiler alert! You can indeed use any router with Sky Q! However, Sky Broadband recommends using a router that is provided by themselves rather than the standard Sky Q Hub.

But that is not to say that you cannot use a different internet provider’s router to access the Sky Q service, as it is just an internet service after all.

There is nothing to stop you from using a Virgin Media router, BT whole home WiFi and Sky Q all together, as it is simply a matter of branding between providers, and not necessarily a technological difference.

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You can use any router with Sky Q

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Can I use any router with Sky Broadband?

It is necessary to contact Sky Broadband if you have a router that was not provided by them to ensure that it is compatible. Sky Broadband routers do not need any further configuration.

If you have a third party WiFi router then this should be fine, although if you want to find out about putting your Sky router into bridge mode then you can find that article here

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Can I use any router with Sky?

This is slightly different to the question about if Sky Q can be used with another router. Sky Broadband has a recommended list of hardware that can be used for accessing its internet service. However, the router must be able to communicate using DHCP and have 1/MER support. 

This is great news as it means that all you need to do is sign up for the Sky Q service, receive your Sky Q box, and then connect it to your existing WiFi or Ethernet network. This will then give it the access that it needs to connect to the internet so that you can start watching your favourite shows and content.

Another bonus is that the Sky Q router gives you the ability to use it as a WiFi extender and an Ethernet hub, although the performance of both features will depend on the preexisting equipment that you have installed in your home.

Can I use a third party router with Sky Q?

Yes you can. As long as you are connected to the internet, and have you Sky Q connected via WiFi or Ethernet to that device, then you can use Sky Q. 

You can use the Sky Q Hub and use the Sky Q app on your smartphone to browse the Sky Q menu, or you can use the Sky Q app on your smartphone and the Sky Q box.

If you want to use the Sky Q box, then you need to configure the Sky Q box as a bridge device, which is not difficult. You can use the Sky Q app on your smartphone to do this, and it is a one-off configuration.

If you want to use the Sky Q box and the Sky Q app on your smartphone, then you will need to use the Sky Q app on your smartphone and the Sky Q box.

How do I connect my Sky Q to another router?

There are a few different configurations that you can use to watch Sky Q content. 

All you need to know is that your ISP router has to support bridge mode. If you have a Sky Q Hub and you want to use it with another router then you will need to ensure that the Sky Q Hub has been set up to bridge mode.

Bridge mode is the most common option of connecting to your Sky Q box, and this is what is used by most of the Sky Q equipment that you can buy.

You will need to be able to bridge your Sky Q with your router, and this is done by assigning the Sky Q to the router as a DHCP server.

When Sky Q is in bridge mode, it will still have to be connected to the internet, but it will not have to be connected to the router, as the router will be providing all of the internet access to the devices connected to it.

Do you need Sky router for Sky Q?

No you don’t. It is very easy to use any other internet service with your Sky Q box.

Wrapping up: Can I Use Another Router with Sky Q?

The answer is yes! The Sky Q app is built into the router, so you can connect to the internet through whatever device you prefer.

You can even use the same router you already have, or use a different one.

To get started, download the Sky Q app and set up your account. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy streaming from any device on your network.