Multiplayer Games that Work Without Super-Speed Wi-Fi

When it comes to gaming today, most diehard players are concerned with wi-fi connectivity. Some focus on issues like bandwidth, worried they don’t have enough to play their favorite massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles. But in reality, the biggest issues relate to latency and what’s known as high ping or big ping.

The farther away players are, the more demands are placed on their internet. Any type of delay can cause disaster, especially in games that require split-second decision-making. This might be so pronounced that gamers aren’t able to play their favorite titles—or, at least, not in their preferred multiplayer game mode. 

If you’re worried about low latency while you’re gaming, then we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Each game offers a multiplayer mode that works even if you don’t have high latency or an ethernet at your disposal.


For well over a century, poker has been a staple in terms of multiplayer games. Now, thanks to the digitization of Texas Hold’em and other variations, you can now play poker against real-life players anytime, anywhere. Most platforms offer multiple ways to game, including table games, real-money games, and different types of tournaments. 

Or, if you want to play a game of Texas Hold’em with friends, you can explore private options. Some online poker platforms allow you the ability to create private games and invite friends with private links. This more closely emulates the feeling of a real-life game.

Civilization VI

Civilization is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that tasks players with creating the most stable and thriving civilization possible. This involves copious amounts of analysis and strategy, including topics like politics, economics, military, and even diplomacy. The goal is to build a robust civilization that is based on our world’s most enduring and prestigious empires. While you do so, you’ll take on other players who are attempting to do the same.

Frozen Synapses

Sticking with RTS games for a moment, Frozen Synapses is yet another title that will task players to think quickly and strategically—only on a much smaller scale. Frozen Synapses is set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future in which players must command a small faction of resistance fighters. The premise is straightforward, but the online multiplayer mode pits them against random players who have their own radical plans.


This racing game takes the genre in an entirely new direction. Instead of choosing a car and a racetrack to speed down, players are responsible for building their own racetracks. They can then compete on race tracks built by other players and monitor the time trials on their own race tracks. Another unique premise about this game is that during multiplayer races, all participants compete at the same time. Though they can see one another on the track, they don’t physically interact.


For well over two decades, the NBA Jam series has been one of the most playable and hilarious sports simulations on the market. The game allows players to shove, elbow, and otherwise take on opponents on the court—and, of course, use their supernatural powers to shake up the game. 

Back in 2010, NBA Jam was released for consoles. It includes an online multiplayer mode that doesn’t require high latency to play. That means that you can take on other remote players in this insanely stylized and playable basketball simulation. However, if you’re more interested in revisiting the original NBA Jam arcade release from 1996, then check out a web browser version. Many have been modded for online play.

Stardew Valley

This casual farming simulator has made a huge impression in the realm of multiplayer gaming. The game is designed for total relaxation, from its characters to its visual design to its soundtrack. When played in multiplayer mode, multiple participants are able to contribute to the virtual homestead. As a sandbox game, there’s no huge mission looming overhead. Instead, players are simply able to craft a world together doing things like farming, fishing, or even enjoying local festivals.