What do my Virgin Media Hub 4 Lights mean?

Virgin Media Super Hub 4 Lights

The Virgin Media Hub is a decent home internet router that works very well for the average Virgin Media Broadband user.

What about Virgin Media Hub 4 Lights?

We are looking at the LED lights on this model of router, and how you can troubleshoot common issues by observing the lights on your Hub.

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Hub 4 Features at a Glance

4 Ethernet ports

You can extend your wired network with a cable to a switch with the Virgin Media Hub if you wish.


You and your family can enjoy super-fast WiFi throughout your home with the Virgin Media Hub, which uses 802.11ac wireless technology.

11 Antennas

Signal distribution was a key consideration when designing the Hub. This unit has 11 antennas to ensure that even the farthest users in your house can access your Virgin Media Hub WiFi.

The meaning of the Hub 4 lights
Hub 4 Lights and their meanings

Automatic channel configuration

Virgin Media Hub automatically connects wireless devices to the fastest Wi-Fi channel and frequency.

Smart WiFi at your fingertips

By intelligently routing and sharing your internet connection between the WiFi users in your home, the Virgin Media Hub 4 allows you to distribute Wi-Fi evenly in your home. An intelligent feature set makes Virgin Media Hub 4 the best internet provider available.

Virgin Media Hub 4 Lights and Their Meanings

Here are some explanations that will help you understand how to fix your internet when the lights are a specific colour. You can tell what’s going on by looking at the coloured lights on your Hub.

Solid White

It is also the white power light of your Virgin Media Hub that appears when you turn the hub on for the first time.

Red Light

If the Hub is on, but the red light is on, you have a problem with your connections. Be sure to tighten the connection between the power supply and the Hub. It is important to ensure that the white coax cable from Virgin Media’s wall sockets is securely connected to the Hub as well.

Dim White Light

A dimmed white light on the Hub indicates that everything is fine and that the Hub is working normally. Therefore, there is no need to call support or do anything else. It is good to have a dim white light on your Virgin Media Hub because it means that everything is working as it should.

Green Light

The Hub flashes green slowly if it is downloading a software update. The Hub will need to be restarted after the update has been downloaded and installed.

Blue Light

When you press the WPS button on the back of the Hub, the light ring will flash blue gently for 2 minutes. This is your VirginMedia router’s way of showing you that a connection is being attempted.

When the WPS connection is successful on your Virgin Media router, the light ring will stay solid blue for 20 seconds. If the light ring flashes rapidly, it indicates that the WPS connection was unsuccessful and you should try again.

Flashing White

This indicates that the Virgin Media Hub is powering up and will be ready in 5 minutes.

Slow and unresponsive internet

Your internet has problems if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

  1. Constantly dropping WiFi connectivity
  2. The latency is poor and there is lag
  3. Connected devices don’t work with the internet
  4. A black spot or dead zone on WiFi.

Understanding Your Router Lights

Your Hub 4 has four lights and the configuration that they represent on your hub shows you exactly what is going on with your current network status. Despite occasional problems, Virgin Media has deployed these hub units because they are easy to use and relatively reliable.

A router’s light configuration is key to understanding what is going on with your Wi-Fi, internet, Ethernet and power.

Conclusion: LEDs And Their Meanings

When our internet goes out it can be very disruptive, especially if you have important devices running like your cameras or IoT smart devices. 

When this happens, it is a good idea to know what to look out for on your router’s LED lights, and this guide should give you all the information that you need to get back online in no time. We hope this has been helpful.

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