What Do the Lights on my EE router mean? (Fix Internet Problems Easily)

What Do the Lights on my EE Router Mean? What do the Colours mean on an EE router? How can they fix my EE internet problems?

These are both questions that we get asked a lot, and while we were researching this topic we found that there are not many definitive places out there to show EE users the answers, save for a few official EE resources.

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Finding out what do EE router lights mean doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process: simply read our simple guide and find out for yourself exactly what each EE router light and colour of each light means.

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EE Broadband Router Lights: What Do They Mean?
What do EE Broadband Router Lights Mean?

Simply put, and from personal experience, I know that when my EE router has a pattern of lights that I don’t understand, then I consult the internet. My EE is also an app that you can find on Google Play for Android and the Apple store which can help you with account related issues, technical settings and much more.

We thought that this would be a great opportunity to help our readers and distill all of this information into a singular mega source of useful tips to help you figure out what the lights on your EE router mean.

How do I reset my EE Smart Hub?

If you want to perform a factory reset on your EE Smart hub then you have 2 options. 

Option 1: Log into your router, navigate to the advanced settings option, then select ‘Factory Reset’ to restore the router back to its original configuration. 

Option 2: Using a paperclip, locate the factory reset button and hold it in until the router reboots. Your router will default to how it was shipped from the factory. 

Why is broadband not working?

There are many reasons for broadband not to work. Check your internet connection. If you don’t get any errors from your ISP, try checking your internet connection. Turn off your modem or router, wait three minutes and turn it back on. 

Try the same thing with your device or computer. Check that all of your Ethernet cables are properly plugged in, and that they are showing connectivity via a green or orange light. 

How do I fix the red light on my modem?

It is possible to get your router working again with a number of really simple solutions. 

They range from simple techniques such as restarting the device to more advanced ones such as performing a factory reset on your router.

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What do the Colours mean on an EE router?

Each router brand and model will be different, depending on the vendor that you have selected. See below for our definitive guide to the different colours of lights that you can expect to see on an EE router, and what each colour and state (flashing or not flashing) means.

This information could help save you precious time in getting connected back to the internet, so be sure to bookmark this article if you find yourself checking on the status of your router quite often. 

If you are having problems consistently then be sure to contact EE to have them troubleshoot further than the scope of this article if you are really not coming right.

What does green light on EE router mean?

We cover this question further down in the article so, spoiler alert ! A green light simply means that your EE router is powering on. If you are seeing this quite often then make sure that your power is stable for the device, and make sure it is not being bumped or jostled out of place. 

Consider swapping power outlets and plug it into another power source if you are not getting a secure fit when plugging the power adapter into the wall.

Also make sure that you are using the correct power supply that was provided to you by EE when you initially received your EE router. Using anything other than the recommended power supply can cause issues with your router, and may cause damage.

What Colour should my EE Hub be?

The standard colour that shows that you are connected to the internet is aqua.

Why is my EE Hub flashing orange?

This means that your router is trying to connect to the internet. You will have to call EE and have them diagnose the issue further and advise what the next steps should be.

LEDs are used for diagnostics on EE routers.
EE Routers Have LEDs For Diagnostics.

What does the red light on my EE router mean?

We have collected all the important information about the EE router lights and their meanings below. This will help you to understand what’s happening, and what you can do to try and identify the issues and then what to do next. 

No light: Your EE router is not receiving power or your lights are off due to a configuration change in the EE router software.

If you haven’t turned off the light yet, make sure the Hub’s power button is on, the power cable at the mains is properly plugged in, and the power is on. Then you should contact EE on 0800 079 8586 for assistance if this does not resolve the problem.

Green light: The EE router/Hub has been powered on and is active, but is not ready yet.

You can only fix this issue by waiting for the startup process to finish for a couple of minutes.

Flashing yellow light: This indicates the EE router/Hub is connected to the internet.

Waiting a few minutes and giving it a chance to connect is the easiest thing to do. The light will change to an aqua colour when it is ready and connected to the internet.

Flashing aqua light: The Hub is working but the Ethernet/Broadband cable is not connected.

Check that the black broadband cable with grey ends is properly seated, and that your filter is installed if your installation came with one.

Yellow light: The Hub is up and running but there is no internet connection.

Using a cable or WiFi, connect a device to the Hub. Follow the on-screen help wizard to connect using the new web browser window.

Red light: Your router has detected an issue somewhere in the connection stream and cannot access the internet. 

Use the power button to turn off and on your Hub again and then wait for it to start up. 

Press a paper clip on your Hub’s factory reset button while it is on if the light still doesn’t turn aqua. 

The light should turn green again after 20 seconds of holding the reset button down.Once you release the factory reset button the EE router will commence its factory restore.

Call EE on 0800 079 8586 if you still have the same issues after rebooting your router as there might be an issue in your area that cannot be resolved without a service team checking it out.

Aqua light: This light means that the Hub is working fine.

When you can’t connect to the internet, there may be a problem with your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Restart the device and try again. If you’ve still got a problem, then you should check that you can connect to the internet by connecting an Ethernet cable directly to your EE router.

WPS button light: You have two minutes to press the WPS button on your computer or device if the blue light on the WPS button is flashing. Try again in a couple minutes if it’s flashing red. It’s connected if the light doesn’t flash.

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Thank you for reading our article about EE routers and connectivity issues, and we hope that you have found the answers that you are after. Be sure to check in with us again over the next few weeks as we continue to grow our site.