How Does Sky Hub Delivery Work? (And When Will it Arrive?)

Waiting for a package to arrive is never fun, but it can be a rather anxious time. Will your Sky Hub arrive on time? Will your Sky Hub arrive damaged? Will your Sky Hub arrive at the right address? Will your Sky Hub get pinched before you can retrieve it from your mailbox?

These are all normal thoughts to have if you are eagerly awaiting your Sky Hub, but you really don’t need to worry. The process is smooth and simple, and is one of the easiest ways to get connected to the internet in the UK.

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving an item that doesn’t live up to your expectations. This can happen with any type of product, whether you’re buying an expensive TV or a cheap toaster. When it comes to the Sky Hub, however, there are some things you can do to ensure that your order arrives as expected—and on time.

We wanted to create a useful resource for our readers that would serve as a singular source for all things related to Sky Hub deliveries. We hope that the information contained here will be helpful, and that it will help you to rest easier knowing that your parcel is indeed on its way, and in safe hands. Let’s get started!

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How does Sky Hub Delivery Work?
Sky Hub Delivery

How is Sky Hub delivered?

The Sky Hub is delivered via Royal Mail 24 and is sent to the address that you specify during your application process. You won’t be happy if you signed up for Sky broadband without thinking about where you want to receive your Sky Hub.

You should look at the address of the Sky Hub carefully before you sign up for Sky broadband. Make sure that the address you enter is correct. Also, you should be aware that the Hub will be delivered to the address that you specify when you apply for Sky broadband.

If the address that you specified isn’t correct, then the Hub will be delivered to your old address, which can cause problems with your broadband connection. This can be very annoying and may even cause you to be delayed in using your Sky broadband service.

Can I get my Sky Hub delivered to a different address?

Yes you can nominate for your router to be sent to another address, either when you first finalize your order or when you first receive your tracking number from Royal Mail 24. However, you will have to act quickly to get this done on time.

Does Sky Q hub fit through letterbox?

Sadly the answer is no, your Sky Q Hub does not fit through a standard letterbox. If the mailbox that the delivery crew comes across is not suitable to leave your Sky Hub in, then they will simply leave a collection notice in your mailbox, and they will tell you where to collect it from. This is far better than risking them trying to squeeze an entire router into your mailbox.

Does Sky use Royal Mail?

The answer is yes. Royal Mail 24 delivers the hub. RM’s website allows you to add delivery instructions once you receive your tracking number.  

Can I Change Delivery Address for Sky Hub?

If you have just signed up for Sky broadband, and entered your address without thinking about where you really want to receive your Sky Hub, then you might not have a great experience.

Consider using an address that is more likely to receive the Sky Hub if you are not at home if it is not convenient for you to have the Sky Hub delivered directly to your house.

If you have already ordered your Sky Hub then you can try to change the delivery address when you receive a tracking number. You may even be able to have an alternative address specified and then have that person marked as a nominated neighbour to receive the package for you.

This is important because if you don’t add delivery instructions, Royal Mail 24 may attempt to deliver the Hub to your old address. This could be very frustrating.

How do I add delivery instructions?

Delivery instructions are added simply by logging into your Sky account online. Once you have logged in, you should navigate to the tab that reads ‘My Account’.

From there, you will find a section named ‘Delivery Instructions’ where you can input the address that you would like to have your router delivered to.

You really need to make sure that your address is correctly entered in as your router will be delivered to the location that you specify.

How do I know if my Sky Hub has been delivered?

The easiest way to know if your Sky Hub has been delivered is for you to locate your tracking number. Your tracking number will be sent to you as soon as you have completed your Sky Hub order and it has been dispatched to the relevant mail service.

Take this tracking number and navigate to your Sky account on their website. Next, navigate to the ‘Track My Order’ tab and then you will find the progress of your order. If it is in transit, you will be able to see that information there, and if the device has been delivered, you will also see that status in that section. 

How long does it take to receive my Sky Hub?

The average time that it takes for your Sky Hub to be delivered is around one week, or about seven working days, but your times will vary depending on stock availability and the distance of your address location from city centres.

Wrapping up: Sky Hub Delivery Final Thoughts

Getting online with Sky Broadband is really simple, and often just requires a quick sign up. Once you have decided on the right broadband solution for your needs, ordering it online is dead simple.

Hopefully this article has demystified some of the less clear facts about the process, and that you can now order your own Sky Hub without needlessly worrying if you will receive it or not. If you want to try out a different internet provider, then check out out Virgin Media link below to check if you qualify for super fast internet in your area.

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