What do my AT&T BGW320 Router Lights Mean?

What do my AT&T Router Lights Mean? You can tell what is going on with your internet and network connections by the lights on your router.

With this guide, you can quickly see what each of these lights means without having to hunt high and low through the AT&T forums and support docs.

You can easily navigate to your router model’s lights by using the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

What are AT&T BGW320 Router LEDs For?
AT&T BGW320 Router LEDs

What are AT&T Router Lights?

We already know what the lights on your AT&T router are for, but now we need to look at what the implications of each light are. Take a look at the table of contents and instantly navigate to the label of the light that you are curious about.

Router lights are not color specific across manufacturers, so one router with a flashing green light might be a good thing for one type, and a bad thing for another.

AT&T Router Lights and their meanings

I think we have all had situations where the internet has not quite been behaving as expected, and a quick glance at the router reveals a colour light that we have not encountered before.

There are many reasons for this, from poor WiFi to a bad connection to the internet on the coaxial cable. The great thing is that having LEDs to look at usually makes it far easier to see what the issue is at a glance.

If you are having WiFi related issues and the lights appear to be fine, then be sure to check out our article all about optimising AT&T WiFi.

What do the different kinds of AT&T router lights mean?

The basic indicators on your AT&T router are things like a power light, an internet light, and a wireless light, depending on the model of your router. Sometimes these LED lights can help us to identify issues such as congested networks, where saturation wi-fi troubleshooting is essential.

Each router is different, and each router may have its own set of features and functions, so the lights may be different depending on what features are enabled on that device. The Arris BGW320 is an IP enabled gateway that will give you appropriate access to the internet

You might not be able to properly check bandwidth saturation wi-fi issues without the right software tools loaded onto your laptop or smart phone if you are trying to diagnose bandwidth issues.

Each of the different BGW320 LED lights will tell you about what is happening with your internet and wireless connections, which will impact your online experience. This is helpful if you are experiencing site wide issues with your WiFi, regardless of whether you have DSL, fiber or cable as your preferred internet connection.

If you have no lights on your AT&T router then it usually means that it is unplugged, switched off, or plugged into a wall socket that has no power.

There are many different combinations of BGW320 lights and colors that we cover in our router specific section below, so be sure to check out our table of contents and see if your AT&T router model has been covered.

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ATT BGW320 Modem Lights

AT&T BGW320 Lights: What do they Mean?
AT&T BGW320 Lights

You might find these descriptions particularly helpful if you are experiencing connectivity issues with your BGW320 modem.

Listed below are some of the most frequent lighting configurations that you will come across on your AT&T BGW320  router.

WPA means that you don’t need to use a device access code to enroll new devices onto your network such as printers or other WiFi enabled accessories. This means that that you don’t have to worry if there was a network setting or feature that has changed, as WPS is easy to reactivate.

AT&T BGW320  status lights

Listed below are some of the most frequent lighting configurations that you will come across on your AT&T BGW320  router.

BGW320 Service Product Lights

  • Solid White: The router is connected and is online.
  • Fast Blinking Green: Connected and waiting to be activated.
  • Solid Red with WPS light Off: The unit is overheating. You should move it to an open, flat space that is not enclosed to help cool it down.
  • Solid Red with WPS light Red: The unit has a hardware issue. A reboot should fix it, but if not then you may need a replacement. 
  • Fast Blinking Red: There is a network service issue that requires attention. Rebooting your unit should resolve the issue. If this still happens after a restart then you need to contact AT&T and ask them to check your service.
  • Slow Blinking Red: The unit has no internet connection. You need to look for a loose or unplugged cable at the back of the router. If everything seems fine then press and hold down the red reset button for 10 seconds.
  • Slow Blinking Amber: There is an update running on your router. Once the light turns back to solid white then you should be able to use the internet again.
  • Fast Blinking Yellow: You have a VoIP issue on your line.


  • Off: The WPS service is not running. If you want to pair a device on your network then you will need to press the WPS button to start the pairing process.
  • Fast Blinking Red: The router is rebooting, or the number of concurrent connection attempts has been exceeded on WPS.
  • Flashing Green: This could mean that the phone is not currently in its cradle and this is being detected by the VoIP line.
  • Red: There was an error that prevented your device from connecting via WPS.
  • Fast Blinking Green: Factory reset is ongoing, please wait for a few minutes.
  • Slow Blinking Green: WPS pairing is underway, waiting for the WiFi device to be activated so that it can connect. User intervention on that device (such as a printer or wireless device) is required.

Finishing up: Troubleshooting AT&T Routers with BGW320 LED Lights

We hope that you have found this BGW320 quick guide useful, and that you are able to quickly find out what is going on with your internet connection when things don’t quite work out as planned.

With a little practice you will soon know what each of the different LED states mean for you and your router, and pretty soon you won’t even need to use an online reference like ours.

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Thanks for reading and good luck with your BGW320 router troubleshooting!