Virgin Media Catch Up Faulty (For Beginners)

Virgin Media Catch Up Faulty. If you are not getting the Virgin Media Catchup service on your device, or if your Virgin Media Catch up service has problems then read on.

As we all know, Virgin Media is one of the most popular providers in the UK, giving its users a multitude of internet, entertainment and mobile services.

Catch Up is a service that allows you to watch movies, series, box sets, and live TV channels all from a single application. You can also download the Virgin TV Go app to get access to your favourite shows.

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Virgin Media Catch Up Isn't Working
Virgin Media Catch Up Isn’t Working

Virgin Media Catch Up Problems

If you are having trouble catching up with your favorite TV show, then the temptation is there to use a different service.

There so many of services out there, but the most popular ones include Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and NowTV.

With these services, you can stream your favorite movies, TV series, documentaries, and more.

However, if you don’t have an internet connection, then you won’t be able to use them. So, you need to make sure that you get a good Wi-Fi signal. But live TV is sorely missed, which is why so many people opt for this service.

Virgin Media on Demand Problems

If you’re having trouble watching movies or TV shows using the on-demand service, then this may be due to a problem with your internet connection.

If you are experiencing problems when trying to watch content online, then check out our quick troubleshooting guide.

If you suspect a WiFi issue, then you can look at our Virgin Media WiFi troubleshooting guide.

There is another reason why you might not be able to access the on-demand service. It could be because your computer isn’t compatible.

If this happens, then you should make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your PC.

In addition, you need to make sure that you have enough bandwidth available, which means that there shouldn’t be too many devices connected at the same time if you have a more budget friendly internet package.

Virgin Media Problems with Catch Up Tv

If you want to watch your favorite shows when they air, then you’re going to need a TV provider. Or do you? Virgin Media Catch Up offers you the best of both worlds.

There are alternatives, but it is fair to say that Catch Up is worth staying with. For example, if you use Virgin Media, then you can use the internet to access the same content from your cable or satellite service.

This means that you can also use additional services like Netflix and Hulu. These companies provide streaming video over the web just like Virgin Media Catchup does.

Virgin Media Problems With On Demand

The most persistent issues with Virgin Media’s On Demand service are:

  • Buffering
  • Time Outs
  • Sound and Video Synch Issues
  • Login Issues

Buffering is solved by making sure that your internet connection is configured properly, and that there is not too much congestion on the network.

You can try re-establishing your internet connection by turning your modem or router off and back on again. If your problem persists, you should contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

There could also be a problem with the speed of the connection. Some people claim to get speeds over 100Mbps, while others only get around 5-10 Mbps.

You should be careful of these comparisons though, as each package offered by Virgin Media will yield different speeds at different price points.

For this reason you should contact them and find out what service you are currently paying for, and what you are receiving.

A solid internet connection will solve most of these issues, so the first thing you should do is make sure that your internet router is up to scratch.

Another option is a full WiFi Mesh system for your home network, which will give you incredible speeds and coverage throughout your house.

Virgin Media Problems with Internet Connection

As we now know, if you don’t have a reliable internet connection, then you might experience some problems when trying to watch videos online.

This is because the video quality can be very poor when bandwidth is simply not there. When you can’t connect to the internet then you will almost certainly miss out on some of the best shows that are available on Catch Up.

The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure that you are using a reliable internet provider a with decent WiFi router. Be sure to look at our WiFi router recommendations here.

Virgin Media Modem Problems

If you’re having trouble catching up with your favorite TV shows, movies or sports matches, then it might be time for an upgrade to your internet connection and hardware.

If you suspect a Virgin Hub issue then look at our full troubleshooting guide here. We cover all Virgin Media Hub models, and what their error lights mean. 

The first step in fixing your internet problems is to make sure that your network cable isn’t loose, and that your fibre or coxial cable is connected correctly.

You should also try to unplug and reconnect the power cord to your router, which will give it a much needed reboot if it has been a while since you have restarted it.

If these things still aren’t helping, then you can contact your ISP provider to ask them what they recommend.

Virgin Media Broadband Setup Problems

If you’re having trouble setting up your VirginMedia broadband connection, then you might want to take a look at the following articles.

They can help you solve some of the most common problems.


We love Virgin Media, but we also realize that there are users out there that experience issues and have a far different experience with them to us.

Part of the reason that we like Virgin Media is that they offer a wide range of services such as TV, internet, phone, and more.

However, they are having a lot of problems with their services. So, if you’re looking for an ISP, then you might want to try out Virgin Media and their Catch Up service.