Can I Get My Own Internet in My Parents House? (Yes, But Ask First!)

Can I Get My Own Internet in My Parents House? As you have no doubt seen in the title of this article, the answer is yes for the most part – you can get your own internet at your parents house. This sounds odd, but in today’s connected world it actually makes sense. 

Online activities like game streaming, competitive gaming and live broadcasting are becoming a bigger consideration for internet users- even those that haven’t moved out of their parents homes yet.

In order to do this, you need a rock solid internet connection- and in a house with many different internet users this can be tricky.

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Can I Get My Own Internet in My Parents House?

Why would you need to get your own internet at your parents house?

Everyone has their own reasons for getting their own internet at their parents house, and most of them are perfectly reasonable and valid.

  • Perhaps the head of the house is not in a position or is not inclined to spend additional funds on super fast internet.

In this post, we will discuss some of the most important factors that will affect your decision of whether or not you should get your own internet and Wi-Fi in your parents house.

Can I get my own Wi-Fi in my parents house?

The simple answer is of course yes you can, but only with permission from the owners of your house. If your family is renting a house or apartment then you will usually need to be given consent in writing that says that you are allowed to have an additional line installed in the house.

Assuming that the above is all in order, then you will need to contact both the existing internet service providers (CenturyLink in the USA, or Virgin Media in the United Kingdom, for example) and ask them if they can provide you with an additional line.

This can be a simple process, or a nightmare for the installers depending on the route to your house that the cable needs to take. For example, if there is a cable trench that is already filled up with cables, then an alliterative route might need to be taken. And if that is not possible, then you might have to settle for a wireless or 4G or 5G service instead.

Can I have my own internet in a shared house?

You can indeed, but it depends on a few different factors. If you are living in a shared house then you will need to ask the other residents if they have an issue with you having an additional line installed.

If they have no issue with you having an additional line then you can proceed with your plans, but if they do then you will have to work out how to get permission from the owner. This is especially tricky if the house is rented.

Can I just get internet for myself?

If you are living in a house that is not rented, then you can ask your parents to install an additional line for you. This sounds simple enough, but it will cost money to get it done properly.

If you are living in a house that is rented, then you will have to ask your landlord for permission to install an additional line. Assuming all of that goes well, then you also need to factor in the installation in your living space. Will you have the router in your room, or will it be installed alongside the existing internet router in the house.

If you are having the router installed in your room, then you may have to supervise the installer to make sure that the cable is run neatly and carefully. If you are only having the router installed in a common area of the house that is further away from you room, then you must make sure that your WiFi is powerful enough to reach you.

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What about a mobile hotspot?

If you have your own smartphone and you are happy to use your phone’s data plan for internet access, then you can use a wireless router as a mobile hotspot. In other words, you can use your phone as a wireless router and connect it to other devices.

This can be a good option for you if you are travelling a lot and need to keep in touch with your family and friends, and even watch streaming video and listen to audio services without running up a high data bill on your phone. 

Simply switch on your portable unit and setup a private WiFi network for all of your devices to connect to- such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Is a mobile hotspot enough?

A mobile hotspot is not enough for all situations, but if you are in a pinch then you can certainly find out about a mobile service in your area.

If you want to go with this solution, then you have a few options regarding hardware. You can look at a fixed LTE or 5G router, or a portable, battery operated one. 

It might be convenient for you to be able to take your internet with you depending on your data needs and average usage, so you will need to calculate your needs and your budget.

Is it worth getting my own internet at my parents house?

This is going to depend on your own needs and circumstances. You need to think about why you want to get your own internet, and if your reasoning is valid. Will having your own internet connection cause any internal strife or tension with the rest of your family or house mates?

If you think that the installation of an additional internet connection will be well received, and that it is affordable, then there is probably no reason why you can’t proceed, provided you have all the appropriate permissions.

In conclusion, I would recommend that you do your research and find out whether or not your ISP is offering any special deals or discounts. If you’re looking to get your own broadband service, then you will be able to save money by signing up to an ISP that offers a special deal.

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