Is Your Centurylink Internet Down? (How To Check and Fix It)

Is your Centurylink internet down? If you are reading this, then the chances are good that you are indeed experiencing some kind of service interruption or degradation.

Many people get frustrated when they experience Centurylink internet problems, and it can make it very difficult to perform daily tasks like checking your social media and emails.

CenturyLink is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the U.S., and as such, they offer an unusually large number of internet and email services to their customers.

We want to go over a few basics that can help you get back online without needing to call tech support. If you find yourself wondering is there a problem with Centurylink because your internet is offline or very slow then read on.

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Is Your CenturyLink Down?
CenturyLink Down?

If you want to check if Centurylink is currently having internet issues you can start with a few basic checks. The first thing you need to do is look at your internet router and look at the LED lights on the unit. Depending on the make and model of your router, you will see a connectivity light that shows if your connection is currently active.

This is a general guide, and it is not intended to be used as a definitive source for all Centurylink equipment. You can use the techniques and methods here and apply them to multiple scenarios where an internet device is not cooperating. 

For further information about the kind of router that you currently have, contact Centurylink and ask them to confirm if the lights on your router are displaying correctly. If you are having performance issues with your internet then navigate to the Centurylink site  and find out more.

If your internet appears to be ok, but the WiFi is intermittently disconnecting, then be sure to check out our Best Mesh for Centurylink article here.

If this light is flashing, red in color, or off, then you could have one of several different issues with your connection.

  • LED is flashing: This means that there is currently an issue with your account credentials, or your connection is not able to establish a session. Restart your router and wait for 5 minutes. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then you will need to run through the Centurylink troubleshooting guide.

  • LED is red: If your router’s LED is red it can also mean that there is an account issue with your connection, however it is more likely that there is a connectivity fault on your line. 

  • LED is off: Your router might have lost power, check your wall socket and make sure that it is connected and switched on.

When your internet connection drops it is very easy to check what is wrong with Centurylink if you have an internet connection on your mobile smartphone. Simply check the Centurylink app and look at the current status of your account and if there are any connectivity issues with your account or your area.  

If you are still unable to find out what is wrong with Centurylink internet in your area then the last option that you have at your disposal is to call them and find out if they can assist you remotely over the phone. By calling them you can perform a:

  • Centurylink report outage 
  • Centurylink outage check 
  • Centurylink account query
  • Centurylink billing query

This will help you determine if there is a fault with your connection or your account. You should also check your email spam folder because sometimes Centurylink will send emails to spam folders.

Further Troubleshooting

If you have gone through this far and you are still having issues then there are a few other things you can still try. Contact Centurylink and make sure that they have all of your details for your router and ask them if they recommend doing a router factory reset. If you are given the go ahead, simply locate the rest button on the back of the device. Using a small thin implemement like a paperclip or tooth pick.

Gently press the button in for a few seconds until you see the LED lights start to blink. When this happens you can take pressure off the button and release the press. Once the device restarts it will be back to the original configuration that it shipped with. Using the details that you got from Century link, log back into your router and check to see if everything is configured correctly.

If everything was successful then you can celebrate- you have internet again! If not, then you may need to contact Centurylink and ask them to send out a tech to investigate where the issue could be. Sometimes there are infrastructure issues that make it hard to diagnose, so their team will have to come out and make sure that the issue is further down the chain.

We hope that some information in our article has been helpful to you. We understand how annoying, frustrating and unbearable it is when you have no access to the internet and it just isn’t working. Centurylink users need to know how to correctly identify and diagnose issues, and with our quick tips and general guides we hope that you have found some useful information.