BT Hub Flashing Orange? How to Fix an Orange or Flashing Light on Your BT Smart Hub 2 Router [Updated]

Seeing a “BT Hub flashing orange” or flashing orange light on your BT Smart Hub 2 router? This usually indicates your router is having trouble connecting to the broadband internet service, and that it is trying to connect. We have put together a no-nonsense quick guide to resolve your “BT Hub flashing orange” issues, which is a sign that it is trying to connect to broadband internet.

The Smart Hub 2 has a light ring with different colored indicators. An orange “Broadband” light means the router cannot connect to the BT network. A flashing orange “Broadband” light shows it is trying to connect. Let’s solve it before contacting BT if we can.

Actual image of a BT Hub Flashing orange

Before calling BT, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try to restore connectivity:

  1. Restart your Smart Hub 2 router
  2. Check the cables connecting to the router
  3. Try changing the wireless frequency band
  4. Perform a factory reset as a last resort

This guide will walk through how to troubleshoot the BT Hub flashing orange or flashing broadband light on the BT Smart Hub 2. (Don’t worry, Virgin Media Hub 5 customers have similar problems, this isn’t just a BT thing!) We’ll explain what the light colors indicate and provide step-by-step fixes you can perform yourself to resolve the most common issues.

For those with other BT router models like the Home Hub 3 or Hub 4, don’t worry – we’ll also cover troubleshooting tips for those later in this guide. With the right information, you can get your BT router back online quickly without needing to contact customer support.

Let’s get started fixing your internet connectivity by understanding the cause of your BT Hub flashing orange.

What Does a Flashing Orange Light on BT Hub Mean?

The BT Hub uses different light colours to communicate various states of operation. In the case of a BT Hub flashing orange light, the BT Hub flashing orange signifies that your BT Hub is trying to connect to the broadband service. This state can occur during the initial setup, after a reboot, or when there’s an interruption to the broadband service. It’s essential to understand the nuances of the flashing orange light BT Hub to effectively troubleshoot any connectivity issues you may encounter.

Here is a helpful engineer's guide to setting up your router from BT's documentation on their website to diagnose BT Hub flashing orange
BT Hub Flashing Orange

BT Router Light Colours and Meanings

Light ColorMeaning
Solid OrangeNo connectivity – cannot connect to BT network
Flashing OrangeTrying to connect to BT network
Solid BlueConnected to network with active internet
Flashing BlueNormal activity – data being transferred
Solid RedHardware failure or device fault
Flashing RedFirmware update in progress
No LightNo power – check power cable
This table provides an easy reference for the status indications from the various light colours on your BT Home Hub or Smart Hub routers. Some lights are specific to internet connectivity (like the BT Hub flashing orange), while others indicate device issues, and the BT Hub Flashing Orange is listed as ‘trying to connect to broadband service’.

BT Hub Flashing Orange Quick Fixes to Try First

Before diving deep into troubleshooting, there are a couple quick and easy things you can try to get your BT router working again:

Restart Your Router Simply restarting your BT Smart Hub 2 or other model can often resolve temporary connectivity issues causing the orange light.

To restart the BT Hub:

  1. Locate the power button on your router model. For the Smart Hub 2, it is on the back.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the lights turn off.
  3. Wait 30 seconds then press the power button again to restart it.
  4. Give your router several minutes to reboot and reconnect. The orange light should disappear or turn blue when the internet connection is restored.

Check for Service Outages It’s possible your BT internet is down due to a wider service outage in your area. Check the BT Service Status page (link) to see if there are any reported issues for your postcode.

If there is an outage, you’ll have to wait for BT engineers to restore service. The orange light on the BT Hub will clear up once connectivity is back.

If these two quick fixes don’t resolve your BT Hub flashing orange light issue, don’t worry – the next sections will cover advanced troubleshooting steps based on your specific router model.

Troubleshooting the Orange Light on BT Home Hub 4 and Home Hub 5

For the BT Home Hub 4 or Home Hub 5 models, here are tips to resolve a BT Hub flashing orange broadband light:

First, identify which specific light is orange – this indicates where the connectivity issue lies.

Orange broadband light – Can’t connect to BT network

  1. Restart your Home Hub 4/5 router
  2. Try a power cycle by unplugging for 1 minute
  3. Check for damage to power and ethernet cables
  4. Log in to admin interface and reset connection

Flashing orange wireless light – Wireless security disabled

  1. Log in to router interface through
  2. Go to Wireless Settings tab
  3. Re-enable wireless network security like WPA2

This will stop the warning light about disabled security.

With a few simple troubleshooting steps, you should be able to eliminate the flashing orange light BT Hub and get your Home Hub 4 or 5 connecting properly. Most issues can be resolved without needing to factory reset or call BT.

Stay calm and take it step-by-step using the tips above. Your internet will be up and running again in no time.

Troubleshooting the Orange Light on BT Smart Hub and Smart Hub 2 (BT Hub flashing orange)

If you have one of the newer BT Smart Hub routers, here is how to troubleshoot an orange broadband light:

BT Smart Hub

  • Flashing Orange – Still trying to connect
  • Solid Orange – Cannot connect

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Restart your Smart Hub
  2. Check BT Service Status page for outages
  3. Log in to hub interface and run Connection Help
  4. Try changing wireless frequency band
  5. Factory reset if still unresolved

BT Smart Hub 2

  • Flashing Orange – Trying to connect
  • Solid Orange – No connectivity

Troubleshooting your BT Hub flashing orange:

  1. Restart your Smart Hub 2
  2. Ensure cables are fully plugged in
  3. Connect device directly to router with ethernet
  4. Check BT Service Status page
  5. Try a factory reset if needed

With consistent lights, the Smart Hubs indicate more specifically where connectivity is failing. Follow the tips above to get your router back online.

The Smart Hub models may take a bit more troubleshooting than older Hubs, but these steps should resolve your orange light and intermittent internet.

Check your plugs and connections to solve BT Hub Flashing Orange Issues

Advanced Troubleshooting for an Orange Light

If you’ve tried the quick fixes and model-specific steps but are still seeing an orange light, here are some more in-depth troubleshooting steps:

Power Cycle Your Router

A power cycle (unplugging for 1+ minute) can essentially reset your connection and is more effective than a simple restart.

After power cycling, wait 5+ minutes for your router to start up fully and re-establish connectivity.

Check All Cables

Inspect all power and ethernet cables for any damage, bends, or loose connections. Try swapping in new cables if possible.

Faulty cables are a common cause of connectivity issues.

Change Wireless Frequency

Log into your router interface and switch the wireless frequency between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. Avoid crowded frequencies.

On the Wireless Settings tab, make sure both frequency bands are enabled for best connectivity.

Factory Reset As Last Resort

If you still see the orange light, a factory reset often resolves firmware or software issues.

Press and hold the reset button on your router for 5-10 seconds until lights flash, indicating the reset. You’ll have to fully reconfigure your router afterwards.

These advanced troubleshooting tips should help identify and resolve whatever is causing your BT router’s orange light. With the right steps, you can get your internet back up and running.

A flow chart of BT Hub light diagnostics for BT Hub flashing orange

BT Hub Flashing Orange Conclusion

An orange or flashing orange light on your BT Home Hub router indicates connectivity issues that are preventing your router from accessing the internet.

We’ve covered a variety of troubleshooting tips based on your specific router model to help resolve the BT Hub flashing orange light problem:

  1. Quick fixes like restarting and checking for outages
  2. Model-specific steps for BT Home Hub 3, Home Hub 4/5, and Smart Hubs
  3. Advanced troubleshooting like power cycling, cable checks, and factory resets

Following the step-by-step guide relevant to your router should help you get your internet back up and running in no time.

Most issues can be resolved through simple DIY troubleshooting without needing to call BT customer support. However, if you continue to see a flashing orange light BT Hub after trying these fixes, contact BT for assistance via:

  1. BT Customer Service Line: 0800 800 150
  2. BT Home Broadband Support Chat
  3. Post on BT Community Forums

BT customer support can perform additional troubleshooting or dispatch an engineer if required.

By understanding what the orange light signals and applying the appropriate solutions, you can get your router reconnected and internet access restored quickly. With the right information and a few simple steps, your internet will be back up and running in no time.

FAQs about Flashing Orange Light BT Hub

What does a flashing orange light on my BT Hub mean?

The flashing orange light on your BT Hub indicates that the device is attempting to connect to your broadband service.

How can I troubleshoot a flashing orange light on my BT Hub?

Troubleshooting steps include checking your broadband service status, resetting the Hub, verifying cable connections, and contacting BT support.

How can I prevent the flashing orange light on my BT Hub?

Regular maintenance, using a surge protector, and correct positioning of the Hub can help prevent connectivity issues.

What should I do if my BT Hub continually flashes orange?

If the flashing orange light persists despite troubleshooting, it might be time to consider a Hub replacement.

How can I use the BT Hub Manager to troubleshoot issues?

The BT Hub Manager provides information about your Hub’s status and guides you through resolving issues. Access it by entering in your web browser.

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