Resolving Xfinity Eero Issues: Troubleshooting Tips for a Stable Mesh Network in 15 Minutes

Eero mesh WiFi systems have become extremely popular ways to provide robust home WiFi coverage. If you don’t use Xfinity’s own XB7 or XB8 routers then eero devices are a good alternative, and many people use them. At the same time, Xfinity gateways are commonly used as the main router and modem with Xfinity internet … Read more

Eero Blinking Blue: Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Eero is a popular mesh Wi-Fi system that offers an efficient and reliable connection within a household or office space. At times, users may notice their eero blinking blue, leading to questions about the meaning behind this behavior and the appropriate steps to address it. A blinking blue light on the eero device typically signifies … Read more