What Do The Lights On My Virgin Media Router Mean? (All Models)

Virgin Media Hub Lights

What Do The Lights On My Virgin Media Router Mean? Virgin Media routers use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to show you information about your internet. 

Some routers are easy to understand, while others can have confusing labels that don’t make much sense. If you are looking for a solution to your Virgin Media cutting out then be sure to read our full article.

We have gathered a whole bunch of useful info about each model that Virgin Media offers.

Take a look at the table of contents to find your model to save time.

Our guide also looks at common issues that you might be having with your connection such as time outs, buffering and disconnects. The colour and flashing frequency of your router’s LEDs will help us understand what is wrong with your connection.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Virgin Media Router Lights

What do the lights on my Virgin Media router mean?

Each colour and flashing sequence means something different. For instance, a green light that is not flashing and is on solid normally means that the device has power. If your WiFi light is flashing then it is usually an indication that there is active network traffic. 

Those are just 2 simple examples, there are many more meanings. The lights and flashing patterns combinations on each router model.

Virgin Media Broadband Hub

Virgin Media created the Hub as a cost effective and reasonably featured device. It does its job well enough, and most people that had one of these earlier models didn’t have too much to complain about.

In addition to Virgin Media’s Hub 2, Hub 3, Hub 4, we will also discuss their Hub 5 model.

Virgin Router Lights

If you are like me, you have probably had an experience where your internet went down, and the lights on your Hub were flashing or changing colours. In my case I experienced a failed firmware update, but you might have had a different experience.

If you are having Wi-Fi issues and the lights look ok then you could have a signal issue, like an obstruction or interference.

What Do The LEDs Indicate?

  • Power
  • Internet
  • WPS
  • Wireless
  • LAN

Every model is different, so you will have to refer to our guide to find your model of Virgin Media Hub.

Virgin Media Hub 2

Below are detailed descriptions of how to check the status of your Hub 2 if you currently experience a loss of connectivity, or if you want to learn about your Hub’s connectivity status.

All Lights Are Off

Check your power. The Hub could also be unplugged, either from the wall or from the router. Reconnect the power to your Hub and it should start up again.

Internet LEDs Are Blinking And Clear Power LED Is On

When your router is in this state it is working perfectly.

White Power LED Is On And Internet Light Is Off

WiFi is disabled, re-enable it to start using it again.

Clear Power Led Is On and Ready Light Is off

WiFi connection is unstable, check that it is configured correctly and that it is enabled.

Virgin Media Hub 3

There are comprehensive instructions that we have gathered below which describe how to check the status of your Hub 3. This is especially handy if you are experiencing a loss of connectivity or if you want to know what your Hub is up to.

Clear Light On And WiFi Blinking Red

If you are seeing this, then your WiFi is experiencing an issue. A quick router restart should fix it, but if not then you can try doing a factory reset.

Factory Resetting Your Hub

Press the pinhole reset button with a sharp and thin object like a paper clip. Hold it in for 10 seconds and wait for the lights on your router to start flashing. 

The whole process should only take a few minus, so be sure to watch its progress. After the process has completed, your modem will be back to its factory defaults.

Once completed, the hub will be back to its factory state.

IMPORTANT: As the name implies, your router will be set back to its factory configuration. If you changed things like your WiFi SSID name and password when you first installed your internet connection then you’ll have to set it up again like it was before. For this reason you must take down all of your details regarding your router and set up before you get started.

There are no LEDs lit up

Is your hub plugged in and powered on? If so, you might have a faulty power supply or router.

Only a White/Clear Power Light Is On

Your router is working correctly. Why not celebrate by sharing this article with your friends?

Blinking Green Light

You are having WiFi issues connecting to the hub with devices like phones, tablets and other WiFi gadgets.Try restarting the client device. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then forget the network from the phone’s WiFi menu, and then reconnect to it again with the password.

Red Power Light Is On

Your Hub is overheating, make sure it has enough room to operate. Don’t keep it in an enclosed space, and stand it upright if you need to.

The Power Light Is On And WiFi Light Is Blinking Green

Your WiFi has a problem. Restart your Hub and wait 5 minutes before trying again.

Clear Power Light On And Internet Light Flashing Green

Restart your hub if you are having issues with your WiFi. This light configuration normally means that your WiFi is not connecting properly.

Be patient while the Hub reboots, as it can take up to 5 minutes. 

White Power Light Is On And Internet Light Is Blinking Red

You should be able to resolve the problem with a reboot, just as you did with the previous setting problem. Be patient with the Hub when it reboots, as it can take five or ten minutes. As soon as the white DC voltage light is back on, you should be able to access the internet and other devices on the network.

Virgin Media Hub 4

In addition to its stylish design, the Hub 4 is packed with smart features which is why it is one of our favourite ISP-issued routers. I like the Hub 4 because I find it easy to troubleshoot, with its clear lights that are easy to see.

The Light is Solid White

The router is powering on, you should only see it for 60 seconds.

The Light is Red

Your internet connection is not synchronising, which could mean that your cable is not connected properly, or there is an issue with your connection that Virgin will need to look at.

Dim White Light

This light means that your internet is working fine.

Green Light

Your router is upgrading its firmware, don’t interrupt it. This should finish in about 10 minutes.

Blue Light

WPS is active.

Blinking White

Your device is starting up.

Virgin Media Hub 5

Customers with O2 and VM services can now upgrade their routers to the Virgin Super Hub 5, which is an excellent upgrade over the older Hub routers.

With WiFi 6 and 2.5Gbps Ethernet, these routers are a necessity for gaming and media streaming in the home. Smart configuration is available for devices that require automatic provisioning through this hub.

As with the other hubs offered by Virgin, the lights on this intelligent hub have different meanings. While the lighting on each model differs, there are several similarities between the Hub 4 and Hub 5. 

Solid white light

After you switch on the Hub for the first time, it may take a minute or two for it to settle down and begin normal operation. You might see a message on your mobile device if you try to connect at this point.

Red light

A red light on your Virgin Hub 5 indicates a problem with the cable connections. Ensure that all cables coming into and out of the Hub are firmly pushed in.

Blinking Red Light

There is an issue with the telephone system when the red light flashes. Make sure all Ethernet cables entering and leaving the Hub are firmly seated.

Dimmed White Light

A dimmed white light means that everything is fine. If the Hub works normally, you will see this.

The Virgin Media router is blinking green

Software updates are downloading slowly when the green status blinks slowly. The Hub will reboot once it has finished downloading. Make sure that you don’t interrupt the Hub during this process as it can cause harm to your router’s firmware if it is blinking the latest version and is powered off or restarted.

Blue light

Upon pressing the WPS button on the Hub, the light status on the back will slowly flash blue for 2 minutes. Upon successful WPS connection, the light turns solid blue for 20 seconds. The WPS connection was unsuccessful if it flashes rapidly blue indicating that the message to sync between devices has failed, and that you should try again.

Blinking White Light

This means the Hub is booting up. Wait at least 5 minutes for it to finish and don’t press the WPS button or unplug it.

Hub DC voltage Supply

Although rare, a DC voltage supply can sometimes signal that it is on its way out by delivering inconsistent voltage, or an intermittent supply of DC voltage to your Virgin Media router. A media router flashing can often point to a DC voltage supply issue, but not always.

When this happens, you might notice that your router is behaving erratically, often restarting without any warning, or sometimes sitting in an error condition with the power light flashing.

Diagnosing this issue is easy enough if you have a device that has the same polarity and voltage as your hub DC voltage supply. If you do not have access to another DC voltage supply, then you will have to call Virgin Media and arrange a replacement if you suspect that it is no longer working correctly.

Wrapping Up: Lights On My Virgin Media

I hope you have found this guide useful. Please leave a comment if you found this useful, and feel free to reach out if you are still having router problems. 


What do the lights mean on Virgin router?

Green power light is flashing and WiFi light is green

This means the Hub is switched on, but your WiFi has not been activated. This could mean that you have a bad connection in your home. Fix it by making sure that the white Ethernet cable is plugged firmly into the Hub and at the Virgin Media wall socket.

What lights should be on Virgin Media Hub?

You will find three indicator lights on the side of the Super Hub, each indicating different functions: Top – WAN (green/blue). Middle – Ready (green/blue). Bottom – WLAN (green/blue).

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