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How to Fix Xfinity Ethernet Problems (and easy fixes)

It can be frustrating when your internet connection is down, but there are many ways that you could potentially fix this problem! You should first start by checking the status of your power outlet and ensuring that it is connected to a working electrical source. If the power outlet is working properly, you could also try to restart your router in order to fix this problem as well!

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Can you use a powerline adapter for gaming? (Better than Wi-Fi?)

It’s no secret that you’re tired of your Wi-Fi connection, and you want to switch back to good ol’ dependable Ethernet and use a powerline adapter for gaming. Instead of giving up on wireless and getting a powerline adapter, we thought it would be best to solve a few issues before you purchase more stuff you don’t need.

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Comcast Xfinity VPN is not working

It is no secret that Comcast Xfinity can be a pain sometimes. Users are constantly complaining that they slow down internet speed when using Peer-2-Peer services because of geo-restrictions. Let’s look at some quick fixes for your VPN problems!

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