How To Enable Xfinity Router Mac Filtering [Simple Guide]

Comcast recently announced that it was introducing a set of parental controls aimed specifically at reducing unwanted online activity among children. If you are wondering How To Enable Xfinity Router Mac Filtering then read on.

The new features were designed to offer parents more control over the devices used to connect to their home networks, in addition to offering them a greater degree of protection from online threats.

The ability to filter out MAC addresses allows parents to filter specific devices from connecting to their home network. 

In fact, Xfinity’s new router will allow users to block access to any device if they feel it is not supposed to have access. This hardware address, also known as a MAC address, can be blocked from your router’s settings menu.

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How to Add Mac Address to Xfinity Router

Most of the time, you can’t control how your computer connects to other computers on your network. However, with MAC filtering enabled, you can prevent people from connecting to your network by using their hardware address, also known as a MAC address. 

MAC filtering is a way for you to block unwanted devices from accessing your network. To enable it, you need to log into your router and access the networking or security tab. This will differ from model to model.

How To Enable Xfinity Router Mac Filtering
How To Enable Xfinity Router Mac Filtering

It is usually far easier to filter out the MAC addresses that you do want on your network, rather than those that you don’t. This is called white-listing, as it allows only a select range of devices to connect to your network. 

A good way to get this list is to use a free scan tool like Angry IP scanner, which will show you both IP and MAC information about all the devices currently connected to your network. Once you have established what you would like to have connected, and what doesn’t belong on your network, you can start filtering them out.

How to Turn Off Mac Filtering on Xfinity Router

This can be done in the same settings tab where you originally enabled it. Usually, a tick box will allow you to deselect this feature.

What Is Mac Filtering?

Mac filtering is a security measure that many Network administrators, ISPs, and WiFi owners use to prevent users from accessing their network. 

Every network interface that is manufactured in the world must have a unique identifier or hardware address. This can identify your network card by manufacturer and is unique to your phone, laptop, gaming console, or IP camera.

How Do I Find MAC Filtering on My Xfinity Router?

MAC (Media Access Control) filtering is a feature that lets you control who gets access to your network. If you have cable, you already know how important this is. You need to make sure that no one else uses the Internet connection while you’re at work.

You can use MAC filters to help prevent this from happening. This article will explain exactly how to enable MAC filtering on a Comcast modem/router.

If you want to turn off MAC Filtering on your Xfinity router, then here’s how to do it.

  1. Log into your router. 
  2. You can find MAC Filter Settings by scrolling down.
  3. In addition, you can control it per SSID if you have separate ones.
  4. Set the MAC filtering mode to Allow.
  5. Enter the MAC addresses manually or click Add on the ones that were automatically learned.
  6. Save the changes.

Should I Use MAC Filtering on My Router?

If you have a wireless network, you might be wondering whether or not you should enable MAC filtering on your router. It is a personal decision that you will need to make for yourself, but if you are concerned that there is some unauthorized access going on then MAC filtering is one of the most solid ways of doing it.

MAC filtering is used to keep unauthorized users off of your home network. You can choose from three different levels of security, ranging from basic to advanced. The first level of protection simply blocks all unknown devices.

The second option allows you to block specific MAC addresses that are associated with certain applications. For example, you could allow guests access to the Internet but prevent them from accessing the files on your computer or using other programs.

Finally, the third setting lets you create a list of authorized devices and then only let those devices connect to the network.

As long as you understand how to set up MAC filtering, you can easily protect your home network. However, there are some things that you need to know before you start.

First, you should make sure that you’re buying the right kind of equipment. A lot of routers don’t support MAC filtering.

Should I Turn on MAC Filtering?

The main thing to remember is that MAC filtering on Xfinity routers is not necessarily the only thing you will need to do in order to improve your security situation on your home network. In order to set up your network to allow only authorized computers to connect to it, you can turn on MAC filtering.

MAC filtering lets you block unwanted computers from accessing your network. This is not the only step you can take to improve your security. There are other things you can do as well. For example, you could turn off the guest’s wireless network password so that unauthorized guests won’t be able to access it.

You could also install an antivirus program on your computer so that viruses can be detected and removed. You should also set up your router to provide a locked-down web interface.

The Bottom Line: MAC Filtering on Xfinity

 The unfortunate reality is that MAC filtering is quite easily bypassed if you are using a blacklist. A blacklist simply tells your router to reject specific, known MAC addresses from the network. This means that if an unknown device tries to connect, then it will be able to do so. 

How many devices can one person have, you might ask? Well, the thing is, software applications are now able to clone, ‘spoof’ or randomly generate MAC addresses on multiple devices. This means that if you ban a MAC address and the user wants to keep connecting, then they can keep randomly generating MAC addresses forever.

A white list bypasses this by specifying who can connect, and not who can’t. The only way for someone to duplicate an authorized MAC address would be for them to have physical access to either that device or your network. This adds an extra barrier of safety for you and your family and is usually enough to deter a would-be attacker.

Stay safe out there, and we hope that this has been helpful.