What Is WiFi for Facebook? (Why would you want to use Facebook Wi-Fi?)

What Is WiFi for Facebook? The social media platform is growing rapidly around the globe. As such, Facebook has been working hard to keep up with its users.

Some of these efforts include expanding their app presence and integrating various features into the platform, including Facebook WiFi.

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What Is WiFi for Facebook?
What Is WiFi for Facebook?

Why do you want Wi-Fi on Facebook?

Facebook Wi-Fi helps you reach more people and grow your business. Utilize your existing Wi-Fi to connect customers and attract more customers to your business. Installation is quick.

Discover millions of people searching for Wi-Fi on Facebook. Your customers will be able to connect to your Wi-Fi faster. Password sharing will be a thing of the past. If your visitors connect to your Wi-Fi, you can increase the number of likes and check-ins on your Facebook Page.

You can also utilise Facebook’s features to attract more visitors. Facebook Wi-Fi gives visitors to your business the option of checking into your business on Facebook. 

Integrate other Meta Services

Connect to Instagram to gain more followers. You can let your visitors access your Wi-Fi by connecting your Instagram account. Visitors will be able to follow your business profile as they connect to your Wi-Fi using their Instagram login.

With Facebook, you can be found by people looking for Wi-Fi. Facebook is used by millions of people every month to find Wi-Fi. Through Facebook Wi-Fi, you can reach more people since it can help people find businesses like yours.

Your Facebook page will be more active. Once your guests check in and connect to your Wi-Fi, they will be able to Like your Facebook Page. Businesses that set up Facebook Wi-Fi have seen their Page activity increase.

Expand your Customer Base

Grow your business by learning more about your visitors. Discover how many people checked into your business by connecting to your Wi-Fi and other insights such as how many unique users visited in a given month, and how many are new or returning users.

The Wi-Fi connection is seamless for our customers. Your business visitors will no longer need to ask you or your employees for the Wi-Fi password with Facebook Wi-Fi. 

You will need your customers to log into Facebook and check in at your business in order to get online. You can also limit the length of time visitors can use the Wi-Fi during each session.

Advertising to relevant audiences is easy. The custom audience feature of Facebook Wi-Fi lets you target ads at customers who visited your business and connected to your Wi-Fi, or to people just like them with look-alike audiences.

Facebook Wi-Fi compatible routers

Why should you care about Facebook’s Wi-Fi? For one, it’s free. For another, it’s very fast.

But, more importantly, it’s easy. There’s no complicated configuration needed, just plug it in, connect, and you’re ready to go. It’s really simple to set up. So let’s look at what routers are supported. 

Routers That Support Instagram and Facebook

  • EnGenius
  • Intelbras
  • TP-Link
  • D-Link

Routers That Support Facebook

  • TP-Link
  • Intelbras (Brazil and Latin America only)
  • Netgear
  • Ubiquiti UniFi
  • Meraki
  • D-Link
  • Zyxel
  • Aruba
  • Ruckus
  • ASUS
  • Open Mesh

How do I get Wi-Fi on Facebook?

For your specific router, follow the instructions and videos below for enabling Facebook Wi-Fi in its settings. Choose your settings on your Facebook Page and connect to Facebook Wi-Fi.

To connect to a Facebook Page, you must be an admin. Reconnect to your Wi-Fi network to see if Facebook Wi-Fi is enabled. Your Facebook page will ask you to log in and check in on Wi-Fi if it is enabled.

Do I need Wi-Fi for Facebook?

While Facebook does work without wifi, you do need to be connected to the internet in order to use it.

For those without WiFi, you’ll need to connect a cable between your internet modem and your computer assuming you already have one.

If you are on mobile, then LTE or 5G are services that work very well with Facebook.

Why is my Wi-Fi not working for Facebook?

If Facebook isn’t loading over Wi-Fi but works fine over mobile data, we recommend going to Settings > Apps > Facebook > Mobile data & Wi-Fi and enabling Wi-Fi access.

MAC addresses assigned to devices must be set to Device, not Randomised. Reinstall Facebook or clear local cache if that does not help.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi?

By checking in to a business’s Facebook Page, you can connect to their Wi-Fi network.

What does Facebook Wi-Fi do?

Utilise Facebook WiFi to allow your customers to access free WiFi on your premises by using their Facebook credentials to check into your business or interact with your Facebook page. Using Facebook WiFi is simple and secure.

Wrapping up: Is Facebook Wi-Fi Worthwhile for you and your business?

Facebook has become ubiquitous. You’re probably already seeing posts from friends, ads, and messages in your feed. And if you’re a user of Facebook, you likely use it at least once a day.

Whether it’s to interact with your friends, to share something fun or interesting, or to learn more about a new topic, Facebook is a valuable tool for a multitude of reasons.

So, is Facebook Wi-Fi worthwhile for you and your business?

The answer, of course, is yes. Facebook Wi-Fi gives you access to a network of over a billion active users. These users are typically your customers, prospects, fans, and friends.

Facebook Wi-Fi provides a free, easy, and secure way for people to connect to your WiFi network through the popular social media platform.