Graeme Messina, IT Professional specializing in home internet, Wi-Fi, wireless internet and network and computer troubleshooting.
Graeme Messina

Graeme Messina Author Bio

Graeme is a CompTIA and Microsoft Certified IT professional interested in computers, cybersecurity, internet technologies, WiFi routers, and Internet Service Providers. Additionally, Graeme is highly knowledgeable in all tech, and he has over 20 years of experience working in the industry. Graeme is highly knowledgeable and has written for places such as CBT Nuggets, InfoSec, and

Graeme works in IT and is currently pivoting his career toward software development and DevOps. Below are some certifications he uses to diagnose and troubleshoot WiFi, wireless internet, and network issues for home and business users.

Reach out to Graeme at [email protected] for any technical advice or writing requests. Got an idea for an article? Let Graeme know!